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Mundaasupatti Music Review

Mundaasupatti Music Review
Thirukumaran Entertainment
Vishnu, Nandita
C. V. Kumar
Sean's summer treat
Friday, May 2, 2014 • Tamil Comments

Mundasupatti joins the list of growing as a feature film from the short film arena. Young and imaginative composer, Sean Roldan's third outing has worked wonders for the most promising banner of Tamil cinema in the recent years. C.V. Kumar deserves a special mention for breeding special talents.

Killadi Oruthan : Anthony Dasan

A breezy folk number spiced up brilliantly by, Sean Roldan. The funky lyrics goes very well with the tune dished up. A pretty enjoyable short burst with functional orchestration.

Kaadhal Kanave : Pradeep Kumar, Kalyani Nair

The song opens with a dreamy flute note. Pradeep, kicks off the lyrics with blazing energy. The flute then goes on meet her best friends (other instruments) with a rhythmic flow, making way to, Kalyani Nair to join hands with the male lead. The violins picks up the pace from midway and literally acts as a third singer to the tune.

Idhu Enna : Haricharan, Kalyani Nair

Visualize a ride kicks off from 0-90km with in fraction of seconds. That's how Haricharan picks up the pace and delivers a mesmerizing melody with this. A tune once again strongly backed up  by Violins and whistles. The last 30 seconds is a treat. Haricharan has come a long way and created a melody castle for himself.

Ambala Singam : Sean Roldan, Haricharan

Sean Roldan & Haricharan joins together to rock this retro tune. All the music directors are brilliant enough to render their voice to best tunes. Sean too ticks that successfully. The chorus spurced by through out the song is so kick ass and reminds of good 80's genre. It's always a pleasure to hear trumpets & drums compete each other. Groovy orchestration. Must listen.

Uchiyila Udhichavane : Vivek Narayan

A very functional, tamil folk. Sung by, Vivek Narayan. Nothing specific to mention. A very, very short tune.

Rasa Magarasa (Solo Version) :Sean Roldan

The most delightful tune composed so far, in this year. Anthoney Dassen brings his folk experience and dominates the tune completely. But at the same time, he is so clever to let the tune to surround his voice once he picks the pace. The interludes will sure to become the ringtones of college goers. Can someone be so imaginative with Violins alone? The answer is yes, from, Sean. He delivered a blissful experience with Violin, what we used to hear only from, Guitars. This song is a proof that, the composer can dish out a treat by changing the characteristics of an instrument. Guitar pays way to violin, violins keep aside for a while for keyboards and drums. And later, Violin makes a grand comeback. This is the "Mass Pick" of the album.

Rasa Magarasa (Duet Version) : Anthony Dasan, Sean Roldan

All the composers would love to experiment with their best tunes by composing with different singers/remixing it. Sean decides to go ahead with a duet version by roping, Rita and himself. Anthoney gets more imaginativie with the people around him and all three delivers a knock out.

The must listen from the albums are : Rasa Magarasa, Kaadhal Kanave, and Idhu Enna