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Mundhinam Paartheney Music Review

Mundhinam Paartheney Music Review
Seventh Channel Communications
Sanjay, Ekta, Lizna, Pooja, Sai Prashanth
Magizh Thirumeni
Manickam Narayanan
Thaman Sai
Thaman Talk
Saturday, February 6, 2010 • Tamil Comments

Thaman is known for heavy and peppy beats. The young music composer has come up with an engaging album with `Mundhinam Paartheney' which is soft and melodious all through. With clarity of lyrics and instruments not overriding them, the songs of `Mundhinam Partheney' are pleasant to listen to.

Produced by Seventh Channel's Manickam Narayanan and directed by Magizh Thirumeni, a former associate of Goutham Vasudev Menon, the film stars Sanjay Pooja, Ekta and Lizna in lead roles.

1. Indre Indre - Listen here

Singer: Ranjith

Penned by Priyan, the melody number with soft accompaniment of instruments, especially drums makes it an interesting listening. Ranjith's vocals are soothing to listen to. A soft feel pervades all through.

2. Pesum Poove - Listen here

Singer: Krish, Suchitra

Viveka is known for penning such soft duets. This song is certainly soothing and melodious. The feeling of a youth in love is perfectly brought out. Less instrumentation with catchy vocals of Krish and Suchitra are the song's hallmarks.

3. Manadhin Adiyil - Listen here

Singer: Priyadarshini

Priyan's special number. The lyrics are simple but very catchy. A fusion of various classical raagas, the song has a splendid start and flows in a smooth way. Priyadarshini's vocals suit it really well. Thaman's acoustic drums add pep to the number.

4. Maya - Listen here

Singer: Naresh Iyer, Janani

Penned by Rohini, the song is bit brisk to begin with. The heavy instrumentation seems to have eaten away the lyrics. Though a feel of heard before prevails, the voice of Naresh Iyer and Janani gives it a new colour. Thaman's use of percussion is good.

5. Kanavena - Listen here

Singer: Haricharan, Suchitra

Suchitra goes all guns blazing. Her sweet tone coupled with brief interludes by Haricharan is the USP of the number. Though the tune may be familiar, the lyrics gives it a twist. Rohini has penned simple but stylish lyrics. There are rap bits in between and is sure to make one tap their foot.

6. Mundhinam Paartheney - Listen here

Singer: Thaman, Suchitra

The title song penned by Priyan, is a feel-good melody with good harmony. A good use of saxophone and trumpet gives one a good listening. Thaman, the captain of the ship, has crooned the song himself giving it a fresh look. Suchitra too is not far behind. She lends good company to Thaman.

On the whole, `Mundhinam Paartheney' by Thaman is a cool album with good use of acoustic and trumpets all through. Melody has become a rarity these days. Thaman should be complimented for trying something new and innovative.

Rating 3/5