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Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, December 1, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu Review
Jayaram, Madhu, Asif Ali, Kaniha, Meera Nandan, Baburaj, Kailash, Saju Kodiyan
Benny K
Haneef Muhammed

Mylanchi Mochulla Veedu,Benny Thomas

Coming up with the festival mood is the new film by debutante director Benny Thomas. As usual with all colourful frames and twisty tales are the script writers Sibi K Thomas -Udhay Krishna who has gone for a rehash of their many previous films like 'Karyasthan' to ‘Udayapuram Sultan’ where the protagonist returns to a family to mend ways, evade a feud and make things favourable for all.

In 'Mailanji Monjulla Veedu', a Muslim patriarch (Sidhique)of Parakiyath household who is constant fight with Ambalamuttam household reigned by Narayanakurup(Saikumar) is shown shooting an youngster, whom he suspects to be trying to elope with his daughter. And when  he returns from jail, with  all the bitterness for his daughter, Kasim Bhai is now left to bed following an accident. Seven years later arrives the doctor Mammootty(Jayaram), who surprisingly gets the patriarch stand on his fet with revolver on his hands. It is of no guess work to say that the doctor is actually Madhavakutty, the Ayurveda doctor who once eloped with Wahida(Kahiha), the daughter of the patriarch with the help of Anwar (Asif ALi)

In another rehash of big canvas family dramas , the loud movie has plenty of colourful dances, melodrama and twists that repeat in regular intervals which is the characteristics of the script writer duo. Amidst the regular chaos that arise from the funny ways of concealing identity even at intimidating circumstances which calls for lighter moments without much logic. It must be a rare accomplishment for the writers to come up with the regular stuff in the same mould  with that typical stamp all over, that but suits every actor under the Mollywood sky .

The young director has but worked well rehashing the family feud remix and adding some energy to the proceedings. With towering mansions lit to the sky where the story is plotted to the exceedingly well lit frames and rich colourful camera work by Ajayan Vincent, the movie also features plenty of finely dressed up characters and festival occasions that makes it work big time. Added to that the lecture of communal harmony at the end, the movie is perfect hotch- potch for all who looks for some mediocre entertainment devoid of brains and matter. The technical sides are of high standards while music by Afsal Yusuf matches the mood of the tale.

Jayaram once again  repeats his trademark style, but is slightly better than his recent tired looks.  Kaniha, Asif Ali and Meera Nandan who plays his love interest, are fine in their roles . Sidhique and Saikumar is back on their regular roles of strict patriarchs while Baburaj  manages to come up with some lighter comments that works. At just less than a three hours, the movie  ‘Mylanji Monjulla Veedu’ offers no big  surprises, but for those who doesn’t mind rehashed, redundant  works  , this will be a handsome affair.

Rating -6.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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