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Naan Avan Illai II Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, November 30, 2009 • Tamil ]
Naan Avan Illai II Review
Jeevan, Sangeetha, Shwetha Menon, Lakshmi Rai, Hemamalini and Rakshana Maruya
Nemichand Jhabak
D Imman

Remakes seems to be the trend in Tamil film industry. But for the first time, a movie that hit the screen a couple of years ago has managed to see its sequel.

'Naan Avan Illai', a remake of yesteryear K Balachandar film titled the same, was all about a con man Annamalai (Jeevan), who woos girls only to cheat them.

The success of `Naan Avan Illai' has prompted the trio- producer Hitesh Jhabak, director Selva and actor Jeevan- to make a sequel to it. This time they have travelled to foreign land where the protagonist continues what he was doing in Tamil Nadu.

A movie sans any logic, 'Naan Avan Illai-II' is an entertainer all the way. The lead player successfully cons rich girls and escapes with booty in alien country. Jeevan does what he did well in the first part. This time too he has five girls to give him company.

Annamalai's photograph appears in a newspaper along with an interview of Maria (Rachna Mourya), who claims herself to be a saint propounding a new faith. She describes him as her God. A mafia-turned-spiritualist she attributes her transformation to him in the interview. This prompts three women to come calling Maria all the way.

The three women were cheated by him recently and they probe Maria of Annamalai's whereabouts. They Sakhi (Sruthi), Nisha (Swetha Menon) and an actress Deepa (Lakshmi Rai)) try to prove Maria that he was a cheat. However she doesn't believe them.

Meanwhile, Annamalai suffers bleeding injuries in an accident. Mahi (Sangeetha), a Lankan woman who runs a restaurant, nurses him back to health.

On seeing Mahi separated from his daughter by her late husband's family, he decides to reunite them. He robs money with which he achieves his purpose. Meanwhile, the trio tracks down Annamalai and confronts him. Annamalai goes all the way to a Church where speaks in his own style and make the girls believe that he is not the one they are searching for.

With right mix of glamour and oomph factor, the film would be adored by the front-benchers. Imman has set to tunes six songs with one comprising select lyrics from Vaali's songs.

Director Selva has penned the script in such a way that it unfolds at quick pace. But it lacks the necessary punch. Majority of the scenes are predictable and hangover of the first part is visible. Though the story unfolds at good pace, it lacks conviction.

Jeevan plays his part well, while all the five girls hog enough screen space. A fun-filled rode for those who love commercial entertainers. `Naan Avan Illai II' is the right destination if you are ready to forget about logic.

Nan Avan Illai - Magic sans logic

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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