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Narakasura Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 3, 2023 • తెలుగు ]
Narakasura Review
Rakshit Atluri, Aparna Janardhan, Sangeerthana Vipin, Shatru, Nasser, Charan Raj, Sriman, SS Kanchi, Gayatri Ravishankar
Sebastian Noah Acosta Junior
Ajja Sreenivas
AIS Nawfal Raja

Narakasura Movie Review

Rakshit Atluri's "Narakasura," under the directorial guidance of Sebastian Noah Acosta Junior, succeeded in capturing the collective imagination with its compelling teaser and trailer. The film's infusion of youthful romantic elements, coupled with its intriguing plot twists, has generated palpable excitement among audiences. Let's delve into what "Narakasura" has in store for movie enthusiasts.


The tranquil village, nestled amidst verdant coffee estates on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, springs to life as Police Inspector Sripathi (Sriman) begins his investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Shiva (Rakshit Atluri). The enigma surrounding Shiva's vanishing act and his intricate ties to Meenakshi (Aparna Janardanan), Veeramani (Sangeertana Vipin), MLA Nagama Naidu (Charan Raj), Nagama Naidu's son Adhi Naidu (Tej Charan Raj), Veera Naidu (Karthik Saahas), Constable Venkat (Fish Venkat), and Constable Ali (Saleem Pheku) unravels in the subsequent events.

Narakasura Movie Review


Rakshit Atluri delivered a convincing portrayal of a rugged villager in the film, showcasing his acting prowess with commendable expressiveness and emotive abilities. His on-screen body language was well-suited to his character, adding authenticity to his performance.

Aparna Janardhan graced the screen with her beauty and brought justice to her role, while Samgeertana Vipin impressed with her gorgeous appearance and delivered a performance brimming with intensity.

Narakasura Movie Review

Charan Raj's portrayal of the MLA was adequate, and SS. Kanchi, Tej Charan Raj, Fish Venkat, and Sriman all did justice to their respective roles.

Sebastian Noah Acosta Junior initiated the narrative in an engaging manner, piquing interest by emphasizing the protagonist's disappearance. However, the film's appeal dwindled quickly due to the inclusion of silly and routine double entendre dialogues. Fortunately, as the story progressed towards the interval, the narration adopted a more serious and intriguing tone, notably with the introduction of eunuch characters, which set the stage for the second half.

Regrettably, the entire second half of the film followed a conventional trajectory, resulting in a somewhat predictable ending. Apart from the eunuch subplot, the story failed to offer any novel elements, and the screenplay and direction merely met average standards. The prolonged absence of the hero throughout a significant portion of the narration also affected the engagement levels.

Narakasura Movie Review

The music by Nawafal Raja featured melodious tunes that seamlessly blended classical ragas, entertaining all. The talented singers did justice to the songs, which were beautifully picturized. Additionally, Nawafal Raja's background music elevated the scenes, providing a palpable emotional depth for viewers.

Nani Chamidisetty's cinematography added visual appeal to the film, enhancing the depiction of coffee estates and the lush greenery in an attractive and captivating manner. While Vamsee Krishna's editing was generally good, there was room for improvement in the initial part of the film, which contained some unnecessary scenes. The dialogues were occasionally praiseworthy, and the production values maintained a high standard throughout.


Rakshit Atluri's Narakasura directed by Sebastian Noah Acosta Junior had a few interesting elements but the failure to highlight them turned it into another routine revenge drama.

Rating: 2.25 / 5.0

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