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Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham Music Review

Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham Music Review
Jai, Swetha Thomas, VTV Ganesh, Sathyan, Manobala, Subbu Panju
K Chandru
Kalpathi S. Aghoram, Kalpathi S. Ganesh, Kalpathi S. Suresh
Prem Kumar
Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham
Friday, October 18, 2013 • Tamil Comments

As director Chandru brings back the concept of challenge and revenge in a whole new package, 'Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham' is gearing up for release. As a bunch of youngsters put their minds together for a refreshing concept, here's taking a sneak peek into the enthusiastic initiative, into beautiful music by debutante Prem Kumar

1. Kaathirunthaai Anbe

Voices : Chinmayi, Nivas, Abhay Jodhpurkar

Lyrics : Vairamuthu

The first six minutes are a stunner, with an impressive track for a debutante. Starting off in the beautiful voice of Chinmayee, the song is a sweet romantic melody with a whole host of refreshing musical elements. Entering the ears with chimes and carnatic notes building up backed by keys, the track turns magical when beats join hands too. The male voices are splashed here and there with an unusual yet refreshing tryst. Worded to perfection by the stalwart poet Vairamuthu, this song creates a lasting impression.

2. Nenjankuzhi

Voices : Karthik, Pooja Vaidyanath

Lyrics : Vairamuthu

The second track begins with solid flute gently backed by strings, and the song proceeds with jingles and keys, in duet with folk beats. This song subtly reminds you of the Tamil countryside at places, especially given Vairamuthu's aptly placed words; however, there is enough western influence in the song, to keep the song contemporary. This one is yet another romantic melody, sung in alluringly youthful voices. The third stanza is strikingly different from the second, with the strong use of keys, and the song ends in the same melody at which it began.

3. Saturday Fever

Voices : Vijay Prakash, Sayonara Philip, UV Rap

Lyrics : Madhan Karky

After two romantic melodies, this one is a lighthearted thumping party song. There is barely any introductory music as the song rushes in directly in Sayonara's hard-core voice. With violins, trumpets, keys, guitars and a plethora of beats, this song is bound to get you on your heels, compelling you to tap your feet. As Vijay Prakash and Sayonara sing their lively as ever voices, the song carries liveliness in every note. Madhan Karky has ensured that the song is as youthful as possible, listing out why to party and when all to party - virtually everyday for everything. And the four odd minutes come to an unplugged funky end.

4. Vaazhkai Oru

Voice : Gaana Bala

Lyrics : Gaana Bala

What is life? There could not have been any funnier meaning to life, as explained by Gaana Bala in his own voice. Set on a simple tune and sung in humble tones, this track is an inspirational number in its own way. With the usage of typical gaana instruments, this is sure to make its way to everyone's playlist. After getting you to have a hearty laugh with his lyrics, Gaana Bala ends the song in a hum, as the track concludes in a roll of beats.

In addition to these, there is a reprise track of 'Nenjankuzhi', as well as it's instrumental version, throughout in flutes. By all means, 'Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham' is the latest of trends in the world of music, appealing to everyone at large, especially the youth. With this album, Prem has set the bar for himself, and marked his sweet spot in the list of sought after composers.

Rating : 3/5 - Brilliant beginning