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Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum Music Review

Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum Music Review
'Onaayum Aattukuttiyum' - Music Review
Monday, September 23, 2013 • Tamil Comments


Director Mysskin had us surprised back-to-back with the news of the release of 'Onaayum Aattukuttiyum' and the music launch. And now as we experience one of classics of Ilayaraja, it is both shocking as well as surprising how the entire album is just music, with no words or voices at all.

1. Compassion

Typical of Isaignani, the opening track is high on strings. A quick melancholic and heavy tune, this has a fluid transition and rhythmic tingles.

2. Firefly

Violins and bass again, here is yet another quick tune that has no supporting beats, but maintains rhythm on its own. However, this seems to be in continuity with the first track.

3. Growl

Here is a revisit of the typical climactic thriller music. This track also uses Ilayaraja's signature instruments, unveiling a shock and surprise, making your heart thump at every note.

4. The Threshold Guardian

For those of you who love violin, here is an interesting melodious song. Starting off at a very high pitch, the song flows and mellows down to slightly lower notes. However, this number also carries a mysterious melancholy.

5. Grim Reape

Quite a scary title but intelligent use of air instruments. This track is a smart composition that is slightly macabre but scary at the least.

6. I Killed An Angel

There is bound to a lifetime of guilt if the title is to be true. And this emotion has been effectively conveyed in this slow one minute tune, which has again predominantly uses the traditional favourites of the composer.

7. A Fairytale

This is everyone's favourite, across ages - fairy tales. If there were a music playing the background when your dear granny narrated those majestic stories, then this is probably how it would have sounded, every time the prince rode a powerful horse or when the princess' immaculate beauty was described. Starting off with strings, interspersed with musical wind and all along backed by chimes, this five minute long melody truly and stunningly narrates an elaborate story without a word.

8. Walking Through Life and Death

You only live once, and every moment is precious. But on a larger canvas, it is merely walking past two milestones - life and death - with a lots of activity here and there. Giving the journey all respect it duly deserves, this elaborate track is like living an entire life. Giving importance to the subtle nuances and the josh of vigour, the track can be directly related to the long walk, as it is aptly titled. Like he has always preferred, what better way to convey emotions than violins.

9. Redemption

Redeeming your soul from all the deep thoughts that the previous tracks delved you into, this quick one puts reality on you, with keys and sharp strings.

10. Somebody Loves Us All

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be loved? While the truth remains in accordance with the title of the track, most seem to overlook it in the rush of life, but this promising track kindles the right nerves to realize this fact. At the climax of the album, here we have a three minute long melody that is simple, straight forward, and uses Ilayaraja's most favorite instruments. With this track, you can certainly rewind your mind and do some soul searching.

It is quite stunning how only music can convey entirely different complicated emotions, with absolutely no use of words at all. Performing the challenging feat, Ilayaraja has once again proved himself to be the one and only Isaignani with this album.

Rating - 3/5