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Onnam Loka Mahayudham Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 9, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Onnam Loka Mahayudham Review
Thomas, Aparna Nair
Sree Varun

'Onnam Loka Mahayudham' carried some expectations for its different title to the talented lead players. But this aspiring thriller from another new comer Sreevarun doesn't end up as a evenly  applaudable film largely due to its half-hearted performances, mediocre writing and  lack of gripping screenplay.

The movie has Aparna Gopinath as Tara Mathew, an ACP of police now taking charge in a new territory in Kerala. When she had been in  Bangalore, she was more known for her rather upright attitude and rash ways of getting things done. Even as she joins the state, the Commissioner Cyriac Pappachan warns her to stay within limits, as it will not be an easy task here  to deal with issues and people of the state. Meanwhile she spots Dr . Jacob (Tovino Thomas)Who is in a mad rush to somehow protect his family which is being kidnapped and taken as hostage  . Tara and her team closely follows this guy  as she is very much sure that he can be the bridge towards some big shady deals and bigger sharks out there in the world of crime.

The movie has an interesting storyline that could have worked. The settings for a thriller are always there and the suspense element is also well maintained, though the rather different ending may not be applauded by many.But the problem with the movie is ,again, not so imaginative writing that often take the audience  for granted. The rather ordinary pacing disowns any excitement of watching a film whose title itself warranty a lots of thrilling clashes. The causes and reasons explained  are also a letdown. Except for the damage that the title of 'world war 'offers, which is by far aimed at the viewers ,  there is no colossal proportions of thrills in the offer. 

The movie which could have ended up in  the section of 'also-ran's  fails in its ordinary story telling, the character detailing  by the writers Hari Prasad and Rishy Surya. Failing to locate right perspectives, the central fine talents like Aparna Gopinath and Tovino Thomas are not used to the full.  Aparna looks out of touch  and uncomfortable at places  and we misses the real feel in  her action . Tovino looks impressive and handsome throughout, but appear dull at places. Santhosh Keezhattur and Vinod Chemban Jose are under utilised  but shines at times while Joju George is good in his regular role. Balu Varghese  and his attempts on humour doesn't make the impact he are expected to.

The technical departments are also mediocre with  music by Govind Menon, Cinematography by Pappinu and the editing  not contributing much to improve the effects of the narratives.

'Onnam Loka Mahayudham' is another movie that loses it steam while in translation into film from the bright concept. The movie is sure not make any big impact and will in all probabilities miss a long run.

Rating - 5.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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