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Oru Cinemakaran Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, June 27, 2017 • Malayalam ]
Oru Cinemakaran Review
Vineeth Sreenivasan , Rajisha Vijayan
Leo Thaddeus

‘Oru Cinemakkaran’ is not what one would expect the movie to be! And this actually turns out to be the movie’s usp. A tale of an assistant director who struggles in futile, the first half is a combination of romance, tears, laughter and songs. The second half takes on a different trajectory and the movie becomes a crafty crime thriller which keeps you on the edge. ‘Oru Cinemakkaran’ may not be flawless, what with some questions remaining unanswered and certain emotions remaining unexplored. But the movie sure has that quality to entertain in its quiet and unassuming way.

The story revolves around Alby (Vineeth Sreenivasan) who works as an assistant director. He slogs it out yet is unable to realize his passion of going solo. Though he works hard and is dedicated to his craft, finances are not coming his way. On top of that he is now married. The romance is a sweet part. Sara (Rajisha) is his sweetheart and they get married in spite of objections from both families. They live in an apartment and have their share of love, fights, tears and laughter. The naturality of their relationship is warm to see.

The twist happens when Alby does something uncharacteristic of him to save a pawned ornament which Sara loves. From then on, the movie takes on a thriller mode. The script strives to link events to ensure the continuity from a romance to a thriller. We also have Anusree and Vijay Babu playing a couple, who are close to Alby and Sara. The way the thriller unfolds is good enough. The twist in the end has been narrated well, which ensures the good audience response.

Alby as Sreenivasan is commendable considering the range of emotions he has been able to convey, be it guilt or fear about the future. Rajisha is charming as Sara. We find resonances of her character in ‘Anuraga Karikkin Vellam’ here. That peppy Kochi girl role is safe in her hands. Anusree and Vijay Babu too have done well. Renji Panikar as a priest who is Alby’s father once again packs a punch. The entire cast has pitched in well and the thriller is conveyed well with shades of each character etched appropriately.

The movie is directed by Leo Thaddeus whose previous venture was ‘Payyans’. The surprise he had in store has been handled admirably well. He has directed ‘Oru Cinemakkaran’ sans the usual clichés, which is huge plus. Expectations of an ‘Udayananu Tharam’ and other such movies are brushed away nicely. Cinematography is colourful and subdued wherever necessary. Songs gel in well with the movie as so does the BGM.

All in all, ‘Oru Cinemakkaran’ steps up from what is expected from a Vineeth Sreenivasan starring movie. The movie is a passable entertainer with fun and thrills, without going over the top.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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