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Oruvan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, December 11, 2006 • മലയാളം ]
Oruvan Review
Indrajeet, Prithviraj, Meera Vasudev, Lal, Raajan P.Dev, Maala Aravindhan, Salim Kumar
Vinoo Anand
Saseendra Varma, Ajith Varma

Vinoo Anand, the debutant director, has done a good job with his first attempt in Malluwood. The movie, though not a typical entertainer, will definitely hold you in the seats till the end.

Oruvan, the film under review sets out to tell the story of a village facing danger from a Psychopath who just escaped from a mental hospital where he was under police custody.

After acting out brilliantly the character of Payas in Classmates Indrajeet, once again shows why he is here to dominate the screen. He in the film is Shivan, who has committed some murder under pathetic circumstances and turns out to be a pshychopath ladykiller.

After escaping from a mental asylum where he was under treatment he comes to that village of firework makers. Bharathan, who is the asaan of chathannur fireworks conducted fireworks for various temple festivals of the area. He  finds injured Shivan in the banks of the river, takes a liking for him, treats him and take him as his helper in the making of fireworks and crackers. Shivan proved him extremely useful with his activity and sincerity and very soon become the first henchman of the crew. And as times went by, the people in the village gradually make him a part of them but no one identified his original nature until he started working out his priorities.

Oruvan, for the first time in Malayalam film history opens a story in the backdrop of the lives of people engaged in the production of firecrackers. Indrajeet pulls up an ace with a part tailor-made to reinforce his seething-under-the-surface angry hero image. To his credit (and the director's), he brings style and grace to a non stereotypical, unrighteous protagonist. To a great extent, his presence covers up the film's patchiness in the second half.

The film also has Lal playing the role of Bharathan while Meera Vasudev appears as Lal's wife. The other member of the acting squad who excels includes Prithviraj who appears in a cameo as an inspector Jeevan, Salimkumar, Anand, Sreeraman, Maala, Subair, Shamna, Geethasalam, T.G.Ravi and Leelahari.

The  film's script by Reggie Nair is unconventional, even though the climax  of the film fall off to cliches. The flashback even though narrated well, don't  make you feel much sufficient for the protagonist to become a psychopath.

Jiboo Jacob wielding the camera creates one of his best with the great exteriors Of Vadakkanchery. The film also has a few good songs by Vayalar Sarathchandravarma set to music by Ouseppachan.

The background scores and slick editing adds to the racy nature of the film. Even though brilliant works in all departments makes the film worth a watch, Oruvan does evoke a sigh, it does not moisten your eyes, or create sympathy for its characters. And therein lies its slight drawback.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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