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Oy! Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 3, 2009 • Telugu ]
Oy! Review
Universal Media
Siddhardh, Shamili and others
Anand Ranga
Danayya DVV
Yuvan Shankar Raja

It has been quite a wait for many to see Shamili as a heroine and why the title `Oy' has been given to the film. The romance between two individuals and the tasks to ensure other person's happiness is the essence. How effective this has been, let us see.


Sandhya (shamili) is a very ideal Indian girl and she believes in the regular and simplistic life filled with beliefs, sentiments, numerology and other orthodox things. Contrastingly, there is Uday (siddarth) who believes in the `short, sweet moments of life' and being the son of a rich business tycoon he can afford to indulge in all fun. However, his life takes a turn when he sees Sandhya and falls in love with her at first sight. From then on, he decides to win her heart and soon, he manages to get into her house as a tenant without revealing his true identity. He manages to get hold of a tick list that Sandhya has for her ideal husband and transforms to the maximum so that he can fit her bill. In no time, Sandhya begins to develop feelings for Uday and finally falls in love with him. However, fate strikes a cruel blow and things take a different turn for both. What is that turn and how does it take their lives forward forms the rest of the story.


Siddarth has come up with a matured performance and he has shown his mettle once again. Shamili has not been upto the mark, either in her looks or in her acting. She has to focus on her body language and her size which will give her a good shape and make her more presentable. Sunil was hilarious and his sequences with his colleague gave many moments of laughter. Tanikella was standard, Napoleon looked graceful and he could have been used more, Krishnudu was cute and his presence was good enough, Ali was okay, master Bharat was regular. Surekha Vani was seductive and stylish. The others did their bit as required.

Technical aspects

The dialogues were okay but the script had few flaws that needed correction. The screenplay was good at few points. The real strength of the movie has been the songs and the cinematography which came out really well. Editing was also crisp but it could have done some more polishing at some points. The production values were high and the costumes looked impressive for Siddarth but it was a wrong choice for Shamili especially during the songs. The art department was also good at its job.

Director's portrayal

The director has come up with a neat presentation part but then his narrative faltered at crucial moments. He was not able to handle the script deftly during the second half though he came up with a good opening. The idea of building up romance was necessary since it had a genre like that, also he should have worked on the comedy part properly. He might have to work on two more projects to stabilize his ground.

Critic's view

The film takes off on a very good note and it looks quite promising but then it fizzles out all the excitement during the second half. The idea was to project romance but then it missed the mark as some key points went off track. If the makers had focused on the key point and developed the romance a little more, it would have struck the chord with the audience. The technical aspects of the film have been quite good and Siddarth has also come up with a neat performance. Perhaps a little flavor would have done the required magic but that didn't happen.


Mediocre, could have been better

Released on: 03/07/09

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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