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Paramasivan Music Review

Paramasivan Music Review
Kanaga Rathna Movies
Ajith, Laila, Jayaram, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Iswarya, Monisha
P. Vasu
S. Ramesh Babu
In his elements
Monday, January 2, 2006 • Tamil Comments

After the splendid highs of Chandramukhi, Vidyasagar had a couple of low-key outings. But in Paramasivan he redeems himself and seems to have found the form (in the company of Vasu). The thing about Vidyasagar is that he has an ear and heart for melody. He manages to infuse them even amidst rambunctious mass songs (kuthu pattu), he manages to thread an attractive lilt. This is his strength. And in Paramasivan you can see that. Being the comeback film of sorts for Ajith, Vidyasagar has not let the hero down.

1) Undivil

Can you imagine Tamil folk instruments in full blast in a Goanese strain? Well, if you can then you can understand this song. It is a rocket blast of a start and Vidyasagar comes out with all guns blazing. Shankar Mahadevan and Malathi are also off the blocks in spirited medley. The orchestration is heavy but highly agreeable. Ajith's fans will rock the town with this.

2) Natchatra Paravaikku

 The beginning strains are almost symphonic in its sweep of grandeur (especially the violin ensemble is splendid). The song ,especially the catchy ditty crooned out by Abhaswaram Ramji's Children's Orchestra, reminds you of a song in the film in Anjali (full children's songs). Tippu and Rajalakshmi's singing pass muster.

3) Thangakilli

 The starting chorus is like thousand butterflies fluttering splendid profusion. The song itself is a simple melody and spreads like sweet marmalade on a smooth bread. Madhu Balakrishnan, sounding extremely like Jayachandran, is melody personified. Srivardhini and Gopika Poornima are mellifluous and methodical.

4) Theme song

It is a huge roster of singers. Shankar Mahadevan, Karthik, Tippu, Chandran, Jemon, Ranjith. The chorus is inspirational and doubtless heavy on motivation. The right mood is rung in by the singers. The start, interestingly, is very soft (almost in Dwejavanthi raga). On the whole, very catchy and rhythmic. The orchestration is imposing and impressive.

5) Oru Kili

Again Vidyasagar doesn't experiment too much. He keeps it neat, straight and simple. Though the tabla background is slightly old-fashioned, the song and the talent of the singers Madhu Balakrishnan and Sujatha ensure that this is another winner.

6) Kannan

It is a simple Carnatic style rendering. It oozes melody (especially in this music  season). Saindavi, Kalyani Menon, Lakshmi Nagarajan and the kids ensure that the lilt and tempo is just about right.

7) Asai Dhosai

The lyrics will give the game away. It is as mass as they come. Priya Subramani sings with rare gusto and authority. It is a rocker and headed straight for top of the charts.

On the whole, Ajith has been done a huge favor by Vidyasagar. Good stuff!