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Pothen Vava Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, October 24, 2006 • മലയാളം ]
Pothen Vava Review
Mammootty, Nedumudi Venu, Rajan P Dev, Kalasaala Babu, Sai Kumar,Salim Kumar, Shammi Thilakan, Sphadikam George, Usha Uthup, Gopika, Bhavana
Alex Paul
Pothen Vava

There are certain things that are bound to change, but many try to remain the same. Pothen Vava, the latest Mammootty starrer directed by Joshy is one such thing which boasts of a lot of changes with different vignettes, but enroute the twists and turns it also rather become predictable except for some hilarious sequences.

Repeatedly Mammootty is donning lighter characters ala Thuruppughulan, alienating from the major forte of seriously endorsed roles that stamp him as one of the finest actors of the country. Still the highlight of Pothen Vava is that it doesn't remain a light hearted film.

The pace of the film is what that sets you in with a firmly simple but engaging storyline with a sensitive flair. Even though Mammootty looks tired with more dark lines below his eyes, he has brought out another absorbing performance in another slimmer shades.

The cast and the crew will have definite say in the proceedings of the film which in all probabilities may end the drought of hits for the last few months for Mammootty films. The major area of disapproval may be the climax sequences and all else is well paced, said and performed.

As usual with the latest star proceedings, this film also tell a family feud between two karas in a village -- One led by Kurisummoottil Mariamma Vakil and other by the Polikkattil family of Vakkachan and his sons. Advocate Kurisummoottil Mariamma is known for her versatile rhetoric and volatile temper while in court. Vava is the son of Vakillamma and Melpathur Namboothiri, a musician who was forced to make a divorce from the vakkil long back during Vava's childhood days.

Vava is a proud and arrogant brat who looks after the family farm when he is not engaged in fisticuffs in the neighborhood. Though he is the village bully called Pothu by the villagers, he is as tame as a house cat in front of his mother, and never does anything against her wishes.

Pothen Vava tells the story of the relationship between the two - an untold relation of a son brought up sans any religion and caste and a powerful but a loving mother who doesn't hold a world other than her Vava.

A trickle situation in the film force Vava to look for his father who has been living away from them from his childhood days. The twists starts from there and after a misunderstood start, Vava and his father are back together. More intimate scenes are unfurled and thanks to the charades of Marambal (Bijukuttan), the laughter in the theater prevails most of the time.

Usha Uthup makes her wonderful debut through the film , and the character is definite to capture hearts for long. Gopika too plays a well to do character as Adv Glaadis  while Samvrutha appears in a cameo. Nedumudi is Melpathur Namputhiri while Saikumar, Kalashalababu, Kunchan, Baburaaj, Rajan P Dev and Manian Pilaai Raju give ample support in less prominent characterizations.

Thanks to a different screenplay by Benny P Nayarambalam, who is all set to repeat his hit parade; the film excels most of the time with lighter tones and delicate emotions. Joshy, who unites with Mammootty after six years though compromised to change his style of film making to suit the new lighter image of the actor, has done reasonable justice to the film.

The other highlight of the film is definitely the music department as Alex Paul and Vayalaar Sarathchandra Varma excels with their songs and styles giving a fresh look to the film. Sanjeev Sankar with his fast shots gives pace to proceedings while Ranjan Abraham and Joseph Nellikal supports in editing and art direction.

All in all, it is a film worth watching especially for a festival audience.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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