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Pulijanmam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, May 23, 2006 • Malayalam ]
Pulijanmam Review
Murali, Vineeth Kumar, Salim Kumar, Samvritha Sunil, Sindhu Menon
Kaithapram Viswanathan

Malayalam Cinema has got a long list of serious film makers who made the state proud with their meticulous creative flair. Adoor, Aravindan, JohnAbraham, P A Backar, Pavithram.... and the list continues with awesome population. But the changing times had demarked the value of serious film makers among the masses. Still some from the new generation find it  aspiring being with contentful cinema. Priyanandhanan is one such film maker, who has created unparallel brilliance   with his maiden venture 'Neythukaaran'. Evenly following the same track of imagery is his second flick 'Pulijanmam' which is currently in theatres. 

Pulijanmam is based on the famous drama by N Prabhakaran with the same title. The film is a reconciliation of the drama theme which is based on puranic, ethnic characters  and situations with that of today. The film tells the story of contemporary society through the eyes of an activist, who is there to speak for the public, their problems and their undertakings.

Prakashan(Murali), the protogonist of the film   is a degree holder who finds it difficult to adjust with his ideas of social existance with that, which  is already prevailing in the society.  Prakashan cannot digest even the political parties and the societal figures  who have no sincerity in what they speak and what they do.

In the meantime Prakashan plans to stage the play Pulijanmam for a club fiunction. He himself rehearsals to portray  the central character in the drama, Thondachhan Theyyam  KariGurukkal, who is a character  borne from the backward classes. In the drama, Kari Gurukkal is camouflaging as a tiger to go to Puliyoorkuunu to bring the tail hair(pulijada and pulivaal)  to treat the disease of  the ruler of the desaam,  popularly called as Vazhunnor, who is affected with wrathfulness and hysteria.  In that process, the drama, climaxes to the  sympathetic  situation of Gurukkal who is left in the role of a tiger with no chance of coming back to humanness.

For playing the role of Vellachi, the female lead  in the drama, Prakashan finds Shahina(played by SindhuMenon), a muslim girl  who is also  left desolate in societal barrenness. Shahina try to open up Prakashan to feel heartened to his  ideologies.   The rehearsals just goes on but the real staging never happens following the communal riots that grip the area.   As the societal breakage deepens, Prakashan and Shahina are left with their woes and wraths in disapproving realities. Prakashan finds every situation  from what he rehearsed for long  in the footlights,  to  happen in his life.

The film also addreswes  the many issues in Kerala's social sphere like non availabilty of drinking water, hotel business, revenue recoveries  and communal mishaps and riots.  Murali as Prakashan has again raked in a absorbing performance through out the  proceeedings. The film is ably scripted  with  flair by N Prabhakaran and N Sasidharan. Set to  needed beautiful ambience by cinematographer K G Jayan, the film also stars Vineeth Kumar, Salim Kumar, Sreeraaman,  Samvritha Sunil and Irshaad.  The film produced by  M G Vijayan in the banner of Amma films is released through Ullatil  Media Vision.

Eventhough the crowd doesn't seem to grace the theatres for long  for this serious attempt, it's sure to bring in much prizes and accolodes to the mother language. Moreover Murali is of sure to be rewarded in plenty by the film fraternity for his majestic  performances.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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