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Raag Rangeela Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 9, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Raag Rangeela Review
Minara International Films
Aadithyan, Druvan, Hanna, Devan, Saaju Kodiyan, Hari sree Martin, Hari Sree Yousef, Prakash Payyanakkal
Yousef Muhamed
Subair Mannur

Announcing it be a rare combo of friendship, music and love, came in the new film 'Raag Rangeela'.With least pre publicity, and the absence of any noticeable stars  it took really some time to fix whether this is a Malayalam film. And once you are in to Raag Rangeela , you can find that  the things proclaimed in the catch-lines of the movie  has nothing to do with this film, which is more a poorly done music video sort of thing with really nothing to impress any one.

The movie has a sort of triangular love patterned, age old formula story. Here the protagonists are two friends,  Manu and Mohith, played by Adityan and Dhruv. They are musicians trying for long to realize their dream project -Rag Rangeela. They are trying every bit to make it happen, though amidst their daily struggles to survive. But as a third person, especially a girl (Hanna)comes in to their life with an offer to support their efforts, the friends suddenly finds themselves  tested of their  loyalties towards each other.

Into this formula stuff by debutante director Younus Mohammed, which opens with rather confusing sequences , suggesting a flashback, comes in the few songs.  The haphazard narrative between songs are marred by horrible acting supported by poor screenplay, which tells the plot in painstakingly  tedious manner. The poor direction adds to the woes of the  film . A few scenes intended to make you laugh and touch your hearts  pass on with no real effects, as the attempt has already posed much threats to the bottom-lines of bafoonery and melodrama .

The performances by three lead players are evenly bad and  suffocates you to the extent that you would check your watch more than the screens. Devan, the only experienced actor in the fray appear confused and out of place amidst the impending drama.  The technical sides are also poor and needs no mention. The music part that was promoted as a highlight also become mediocre with the only song by Jassie Gift, making a slight impact.

With no real intent to keep the viewers hooked, it needs to be looked on with needed seriousness, the destruction that these kid of  films create in the minds of regular viewers of Mollywood films.  Raag Rangeela is one film that must be clearly avoided for plenty of clear reasons .

Rating- 3/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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