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Ram Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, April 4, 2006 • తెలుగు ]
Ram Review
Venkata Ramana Pictures
Nitin, Genelia
N. Shankar
N. Sudhakar Reddy

Revenge is one of the basest of human emotions. And that is why you have many films still being made on that theme. Perhaps after love and friendship (other basic human emotions), revenge is the most played out feeling in films.

In N Shanker's Ram, the theme of revenge is packaged around youthful romance and some other mass fun. Despite the best efforts of Nitin and others in the cast, the film does not rise beyond the ordinary simply because the packaging is very average. The film does not go beyond the mundane as the script is infantile and unimaginative. A hero taking it out on the baddies for their sins of the past needs to be told attractively to hold the viewers' interest. The director, Shanker, who is also in charge of the script, fails on this count.

In the event, the well-intentioned efforts of Nitin, who is full of energy and enthusiasm, and the gamine charm of Genelia all go waste. The story is wafer thin. Ram, the eponymous hero, is a happy go lucky guy in Hyderabad. He is an up and coming cycle champion. A win in a competition takes him to the final round in Mumbai.

But in Mumbai life pans out differently for him. He ends up unravelling the gritty knots of his family, especially that of his grandfather (Krishnam Raju). The granddad had been a do-gooder for the society but had been taken out by the baddies (Devraj and Jeeva). They also have an eye on the old man's property. So our hero avenges all the killings and in the process also wins the hand of one of the baddie's daughters (Genelia).

It is a tacky story that needs all the push from the script. But unfortunately it doesn't come. In the event, Nitin's vivacity and spirited dances all go in vain. Nitin sure has good screen presence, but alas it is still not big enough to carry off a bad script. Genelia looks cute and cuddly. Her role is limited. So is Hrishita Bhatt's who plays Genelia's sister. The two provide some feast in cool beauty. Devraj and Jeeva as baddies go through the motions. Brahmanandam as a doctor is okay. Venu Madhva's comedy is in the so-so category.

Yuvan's musical score does not get extra lift on the screen. His rerecording is pretty good. The technical values are nothing much to complain, overall.

But you cannot say the same thing to the efforts of the director Shanker. There are mass elements and there some good moments too. But if only he had worked even harder, Ram could have been a battering Ram. But it ends up as battered Ram.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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