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Rasam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, January 27, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Rasam Review
Mohanlal, Indrajith

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Coming from seasoned director RajeevNath, famous for his serious, art house movies, 'Rasam' featuring Indrajith and Mohanlal was expected to be a lighter film with food as the main lead. But offering little food for thought or entertainment, the movie ends up as one that fails in every department. RajeevNath who opted for a non happening tale with little cinematic moments cannot be pardoned for dishing out one movie that can bore you even at its short running time of one hour and forty three minutes.

Nedumudi Venu comes up as Valliyottu Thirumeni,  who is immensely popular for his delicious traditional Kerala  sadyas . Indrajith is Balu his only son, an engineering graduate and an MBA holder who doesn’t like to take up his father’s profession.  But one fine day,  film star Mohanlal (Mohanlal himself) comes up to their house with his close friend  Shekhar Menon(Devan), a business tycoon based on Doha. Lal is there to invite Thirumeni,  as Menon will not settle for anything less than the best food for his guests arriving for his daughter Janaki’s wedding being  planned at Doha. As everything is finalised, Balu flies a week earlier to arrange the setting, more for his love for the superstar and for the prospects of travelling abroad. But as something unexpected happens, Balu is forced to be on his father’s shoes which  changes his life forever.

Though ‘Rasam’ has an interesting base plot, everything else is a poor mayhem with the director and screen writers Nedumudi Venu, Sudeep and Rejev Nath failing to create anything that interests the viewer. Attempts to generate situational comedy falls flat and fails even to generate a chuckle. Predictable and boring scenes which drag unintentionally forms the major elements of the movie .Hadn’t been Mohanlal in the fray the movie doesn’t have anything else to lure the attention of the viewers.

Though Indrajith, Mohanlal and Nedumudi venu aptly plays to their characters, there is nothing there to test their acting proves. The characters like that played by Jagadheesh appear half backed though. The four songs in the movie set to music by Job Kurien doesn’t appear good and adds to the lag of the movie. The editing by Babu Ratnam is also poor while Krish Kymel seems to be in a haste to create any fine frames. The BG scores by Viswajith is also loud and annoying while rest of the technical sides matches the poor quality of the movie.

All in all, ‘Rasam’ fails to provide any ‘Rasam’ all through its narratives. The movie may find it hard to thrive amidst the stiff competition in the weeks’ Box office and is sure to die out in a week or two.

Rating -3.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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