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Red Salute Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 12, 2006 • Malayalam ]
Red Salute Review
Kalabhavan Mani,Padmapriya,Janardhanan,Cochin Haneefa,Captain Raju,K.P.A.C Lalitha
Milan Jaleel
Red Salute

The plots which are time tested and those we see again and again remind us of 'old wine in a new bottle'. These plots require refreshing narration to impress viewers in their rehash runs. Here in 'Red Salute' the director further incorporates scenes from a few hit films to make it look different. The film races snappily along to a predictable plot, but the audience laps it up because it looks so cool enough for the protagonist to come over the tests of rights with little difficulties.

The only one thing exceptional in the movies of Vinod Vijayan is the space he gives for supporting actors to create peculiar maneuvers for their characters. And here in 'Red Salute' too, stars including Vijayaragahavan, Bheeman Raghu, Ajith and Baburaj shines in some roles of difference. They took the opportunity in tandem and contributed to the otherwise regular package of Mani flicks.

The film even though titled Red Salute has little to do with politics, with the loose scenes involving party lines providing mockery without real spirits. Even you hear an 'Inquilab' in the background when the hero is taking over the villains in climax struggles. The film deals with more red in the number of killings that the film depicts.

It is a typical Mani film with all the ingredients in right proportions to satisfy his fans. Like all his recent films Mani plays the hero who by status is an layman head load worker, who fights and shouts like a tiger, dances amidst masses to the lyrics sung by himself and who is adept in tickling a funny bone at times, and who shed tears for his long died parents and his fellow workers in his characteristic style. As a real fan movie by all levels, Red Salute may be more appealing to Mani's fans than his other recent outings in box office.

The film tells the story of a group of political elites who are en route taking the chances of ownership of an old palace. The court rules in favor of Mithran Nanmpoodhiri and Joseph, while Bappootty haji who has wasted crores for the deal rise in revolt. The film then revolves around the channels by which Bappootty haji with his henchmen and his allies Maarthandan try to take hold of the ownership of the palace by mean ways.

Chaala Vasu, a local leader of the left union in chaala market is the son of old leader Karunan, who took the way of suicide following his financial ruins. Vasu who was reared by Joseph, one of his father's friends, is man of righteousness who gives anything for the people he likes.

Even when Joseph became a big industrialist, he supports Vasu in all his endeavors and treats him like his son. Vasu likes to stay away from riches and becomes a part of market life.  In the fight for the possession of the palace, Joseph, Mithran Namboodhiri and their friend and local kingmaker Kodambally Govindan are killed and Vasu is all left to take revenge for all the adversities that he faced through out his life. The scene towards the end is sloppy and unimpressive. And as usual with Malluwood films, the director lacks the capability to create a logical end than the fight of the hero with a dozen of people.

The film has fast cuts by J.N.Harsha and better shots by debutante Vinod, following the trends of present day film making. The only song in the film by Alex Paul sung by Mani himself is a foot tapping number which may climb up the charts. The acting in most part of the film is good, except when the script lets it down at times. Vijayaraghavan and Bheeman Raghu deliver exceptional performances while Mani passes through regulation stuff. The film will not be a let down for the die hard fans of Kalabhavan Mani, even though going through the same path will not help  him in longer terms .

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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