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Ringmaster Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 18, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Ringmaster Review


Once again proving that his knack for great comedy movies is still intact, Rafi and Dileep don't let you down  in their latest `Ringmaster'. An interesting plot surrounding  a dog and his trainer Dileep has managed as usual to spread some smiles. Though the movie doesn't have bit any surprises in store, with  some interesting developments that keep the viewer engaged,  Ringmaster remains a complete family entertainer.

Dileep is Prince, the son of a circus ring master  played by Vijayaraghavan. He works as an assistant to his veterinary doctor friend Dr. Muthu, but  dreams of going to London to make a better life. Through Dr. Muthu, he takes up a job, to take care of Liza, a pet dog of some NRI biggies- Elizebeth (Ranjini). Before leaving their pet dog with Prince, Elizebeth warns that Liza should not be allowed to mingle with other male dogs and makes sure that will be his primary job.

Well, things get along well for some time with Prince trying hard to keep Liza well fed and safe, away from male dogs. But everything get an ugly turn as Tobby, the guide dog to blind Karthika who lives next door, breach the defenses and enter their compound. Liza and Tobby become lovers and Liza becomes pregnant.

Liza dies during delivery and only one female puppy survives, leaving prince to curse his fate. Dr. Muthu and Prince finally decide to keep the news about the death of Liza, away from Elizebeth who would surely make their lives a hell on knowing the death of her beloved pet. Prince decides to bring up the puppy and train her to be like Liza and present her to Elizebath when she returns from US. Dr. Muthu, Prince and their friend Peter (Aju Varghese) are all here in the venture. Prince decides to name the puppy after Diana, his ex-girlfriend who while  seeking for a better future, abandoned him . Prince tells the story of his child hood and his love for Diana (honey rose) to the puppy as a bed time story.

Meanwhile Tobby goes missing leaving Karthika (keerthi menaka) utterly helpless. Prince who live next door, comes to the aid to the blind girl and in the course of time becomes attached to each other.

There are many  surprises here for viewers, including the  introduction of Raffi as an actor. The second half of the movie is but a bit stereotypical with prince becoming the knight on horseback to rescue his damsel in distress (here Karthika) and the row over the ownership of the dog. Fight sequences also seemed a bit too unrealistic for Dileep.

The music of the movie is good. Gopi sundar has done a commendable work, with good songs. Some fine special effects are used in both dance and fight sequences of the movie. The dancing dogs are seen for the first time in Malayalam with such perfection

Cinematography is typical to other Dileep movies, spewing colour everywhere. The cream of the movie is the comedy dialogues by Suraj Venjaramood, Kalabhavan Shajon, Aju Varghese and to some extent by Vijayaraghavan who plays the role of Prince's father.

On the whole, this is another fun run that  you can enjoy.'Grab yur popcorn and have an effortless view.

Rating 6.5/10 



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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