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Rummy Music Review

Rummy Music Review
Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie, Inigo Prabhakaran, Soori
K.Gurunathan, P.Elappan, K.Balakrishnan
D. Imman
Music Review
Thursday, October 31, 2013 • Tamil Comments

Rummy features Vijay Sethupathy and Iniko Prabhakar in the lead cast with Aishwarya and Gayathri joining them. It marks Balakrishnan's debut and the movie thrives on its title, the card game. Imman has come up with a melodious album without any qualms. A closer look at the songs in the movie

1. Koodmela

Singers : V.V.Prassanna, Vandana Srinivasan

The droplet of strings and hollow female vocals is the highlight of this romantic number. Cupid has struck at the right levels in this beautiful number and the signature background effect is sweet. Vandana's crisp vocals breezes through the interludes, the effect is charming. The entire feel of the song gives us a whirlwind of the 90's as the catch is not new.

2. Koodmela instrumental

The striking feature about this instrumental version of Koodamela is the exclusive usage of strings; it's balanced and gives a feel of perfect BGM. The purpose of a romantic segment is served here and should be used for a sweet visual.

3. Adiyae

Singers : Abhay Jodhpurkar, Poornima Sathish

Imman starts off with "Ethanai Koodi" from Keeravani ragam a sensational effect and then weaves off a striking melody that will charm your ears for quite some time. This is the pick of the lot, where Yugabharathi has penned a perfect poem for love. Poornima's classical chant is like a phenomenal silhouette through the raga. Abhay looks as the perfect man for the job, even though there is no wow about this song, the folk bit between the interludes rejuvenates the effect again.

4. Oru Nodi

Singers : D Imman, Divya Ramani

Divya springs through this Imman sensation, a melody with a lot to cherish. The shenhai bits springs surprises whilst Imman has lent his vocals in a relishable way as well. Yet another duet on celebration of love and the beautiful time that love takes you around the journey of life. An ordinary effect but the low feeling gives it a click. Yet again a song that gives 90's effect.

5. Yethukkaga

Singers : Pooja AV, Santhosh Hariharan

Imman is his best when it comes to strings and this maestro kind of song is a clear winner right from the orchestration to the vocals. The start might make you assume this number to be a full and foremost string sensation, but then Imman takes you across a recursive tabla and faint Guitar rhythm. The captivating part of the melody is the striking resemblance to Raja's 80's melody's that do not depend on the music alone, but synchronizes the singer's attitude as well.

6. Yethukkaga

Singer : Karthick Iyer

The instrumental version is a solace rendering number, the one's that might relax you on a long outward journey. Karthik's tremendous performance deserves applause for his work, and so does the composer's rendering music. The original part is superimposed with a female faint bit and the sax's come along at the right time.

Verdict : Imman's best comes out again

Star : 3.25/5