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Sarkar Dada Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 18, 2005 • മലയാളം ]
Sarkar Dada Review
Jayaram, Navya, Salim Kumar, Asokan
Sasi Sankar
M. Jayachandran

You cannot help sympathize with Jayaram. He does everything asked of with sincerity and seriousness. Yet, he is enduring a tough time in the industry. This is certainly not to due to any shortcoming in him.

Sarkar Dada itself is a good example of his earnestness.Similar films, with fun and lark as its center point, have run before.Sarkar Dada's only failing, in the event, may be the fact that it has been delayed.

The story is nothing great. But the script, which allows scope for lot of comedy capers, makes it enjoyable. And Jayaram himself enlivens the situations whenever the tempo lags. Director Sasi Sankar who obviously has a flavor for humor has used Jayarama's natural felicity to the hilt. It doesn't matter whether the fun is highbrow or lowbrow ---it is fun all the way.

The story centers on Mukundan Menon (Jeyaram) who is brought up as a ruffian of sorts by his guardian Nambiar (Kalasala Babu). Nambiar obviously wants to usurp the huge wealth that Mukundan's parents have left behind. But Mukundan is oblivious to the machinations around him.

Finally, it is left for the government to step in and appoint Sandhya (Navya Nair) to take care of his property. She does that and him too with aplomb. Interwoven into this is all the mirth that the whole gang comes up with.

Jayaram never has let down any character. Here too the situation is the same. He is natural in funny sequences. His antics with Salim Kumar, Kochi Haneefa and Hari Sri Asokan bring the house down. Navya Nair is as usual bankable.

Jeyachandran's music has nothing new. The songs are in the okay-dokay category.

Director Sasi Shankar has not really taxed himself. He just has set the camera in front of Jeyaram & Co and canned the fun they had.

Good in a quaint sort of way.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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