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Sauda - The Deal Music Review

Sauda - The Deal Music Review
Sanjay Kapoor, Vijay Oberoi,Aryan Vaid, Sameer,Preeti Jhangiani
Jai Prakash
Not a big deal !
Wednesday, August 24, 2005 • Hindi Comments

How much quality music does one expect from a movie that primarily revolves around lust, sex and greed and has little else to offer? 'Sauda - The Deal' fits such a subject to a T and hence with it the interest level in the music of the film also goes down. Inspite of composer duo Anand Milind and lyricist Praveen Bhardwaj tag on the album cover, one is still not hopeful at all about the music of this Jai Prakash film starring Sanjay Kapoor, Aryan Vaid, Preeti Jhangiani and Suman Ranganathan. Incidentally Jai Prakash has earlier too dealt with similar movies belonging to the same genre, notably being Market and Chaahat-Ek Nasha.

1) Ye Kaun Aaya [Abhijeet, Madhavi]

As expected, the opening track of the album 'Ye Kaun Aaya' is as predictable as it can get and turns out to be an average affair. It is to the credit of the singers Abhijeet and Madhavi who try their best to infuse some life into some conventional lyrics and music and hence make this love song at least passable.

2) Achaar Dalongi [Sapna Awasthi, music Shamir Tandon, lyrics Sandeep Nath]

A disastorous song all the way, 'Achaar Dalongi' should have come up with a warning - "Not Suitable For Young Minds!" The lyrics of the track are so downright on the face that you wonder if there is something called double entendre still existing. That's because there is nothing double meaning about the song - it is so well straightforward! You need to listen this song till the end that has been composed by the same man who came up with a similarly raunchy track 'Kuaan Maan Doob Jaaongi' earlier this year in Page 3! To make matters worst, the song comes up twice in the album. Sorry, but this no 'Main Aayi Hoon UP-Bihar Lootne' [Shool]!

3) Dhuaan [Sapna Awasthi]

It is amazing to see Sapna Awasthi get so much to do in this album as the very next song 'Dhuaan' has her in a pop mode now. The entire song is so shrill on the ears that one just wants it to end soon. KK too chips in his bit but not to much use. 'Dhuaan' can neither be classified as an item song nor as a mainstream situational number. In nutshell, yet another track that casts doom for the album.

4) Jism Se Rooh Tak [Shreya Ghoshal]

There is some respite in the form of Shreya Ghoshal coming up behind the mike for 'Jism Se Rooh Tak' that can at least be heard. It comes as a welcome relief after a string of tracks that attacked the very sensibilities of a listener. A song of seduction, it doesn't break any new grounds but since Shreya has now perfected the art of rendering sensual tracks post 'Jism', this number turns out to be a decent hearing.

5) Al Habibi [Sunidhi Chauhan, Jolly Mukherjee]

The lethal combination of 'Ishq', 'Aag', 'Husn' and 'Jawaani' come together in vintage Anand Milind beat one-beat two song 'Ya Habibi'. An item song by all means, it has a strong Arabian flavor and isn't much different from similar kinds that we have been hearing for ages now. It is again due to the presence of leading singer Sunidhi Chauhan that the song can be tolerated till the end. There are some bits from Joly Mukherjee too in the song but since the entire album is predominantly female oriented, he too doesn't have much to do. Overall, the number promises to give something to cheer about for the front benchers due to its theme and treatment.

In the end, the music of 'Sauda - The Deal' doesn't cut a deal with the majority of audience and may just appeal to its select target audience, which are primarily frontbenchers in the B and C centers. One is sure that there won't be any beelines for catching hold of this album at the music stores.

Rating: * 1/2