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Seconds Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, December 9, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Seconds Review
Jayasurya, Bhama, Vinay fort
Aneesh Upasana
Gopi Sunder


Seconds is the new movie that aspires to become a suspense thriller but fails to convince due to a single shot that is of much importance to the entire film. But the movie qualifies for a single watch and is much better in execution than the director’s first film ‘Matinee’ The movie told in a non linear format is a multi narrative that revolves around a murder that happens in the elevator of  a plush city apartment. Four unrelated persons of which one was a ruffian were in the lift of which two were left seriously injured and one, dead. The police officer on investigation, Bimal Vaas then asks for the whereabouts of the persons who were in the lift and we are also given the glimpses of each of their lives on  the day of the fatal incident.

Veeramani(Jayasuriya) is an insurance agent who is finding it hard to meet his targets. After visiting a psychiatrist for some useful tips in effective communication, he is in the flat to visit Sathyadevan(Sankar Ramakrishnan), a film maker cum politician who is trying his luck for the firsts time in the coming elections. Feroz(Viay Fort) is a still photographer who is a regular in the crew of Sathyadevan . Tina (Aparan Nair) is a floor manager of jewellery who is in the flats to visit George, a rich jewellery mascot who is planning to open a new outlet in the town. Thampi(Vinayagan) is an occasional thug and goonda who is in the flat as he is asked to visit an anonymous  person for a new ‘quotation’. Four unrelated persons from different walks of life thus arrive in the lift which is faulty at times and prove unforgettable for some and fatal for others.

A difficult story to crack, the basic plot by Shani Khadar and Anoop Shivasevan is interesting and is clearly unpredictable till the final disclosure of events. The cinematography by Suresh Rajan offers some fine visuals and angles which add to the mood of the movie. The movie is thrilling for most of its part but for the climax, that leaves you with disbelief . The second detailing in the climax where all is unearthed , all the elements that worked for the suspense topples down and the hard work done ends up in vain .We can’t dig out the big illogic that works against the movie as it could be a definite spoiler .

Jayasuriya once again makes his act perfect with a spellbinding Tamil Brahmin slang and a performance that is meticulously done. Though his character appear in fewer scenes, it definitely stand out as a proof for why he is surviving in Mollywood, unscathed.  Vinayagan is once again in a demanding role while Aparna Nair and Vinay Fort play to their roles. While Salimkumar is wasted and looks odd, the rest of the cast are appropriate for their characters. The BG Scores by Gopi Sundar does’nt add any good  to the mood of the proceedings o screen while his only song that comes at the climax is not that hummable. The technical sides including the editing by Johnkutty and art direction by M Bava  manages to give life and realism to the 105 minutes  long suspense thriller, that is a bit sluggish in pace.

In the final analysis, these seconds may not totally baffle the intense lover of suspense movies, though all the sounds and fury ends up for nothing logical. Though with some definite loopholes which the director Aneesh Upasana could have easily averted,’ Seconds’  ends up as one example for a movie that will suffer commercially due to minor mistakes, that appear in the final reels.

Rating -5.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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