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Sherlock Toms Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, September 28, 2017 • Malayalam ]
Sherlock Toms Review
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Biju Menon, Miya George, Srinda Ashab, Salim Kumar, Vijay Raghavan
Prem Menon
Sherlock Toms


Movies with last minute thrills have always stayed on in the minds of the viewers. ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is one such movie and surprises with its last minute twist. Such formulas are aplenty in Malayalam cinema. Here with a tight script and commendable making, the movie charts its own course. Biju Menon as the lead actor makes his presence felt. The humour this time is not the typical kind that we have come to expect from Biju Menon, though that is there too.

The movie being a thriller of sorts with its share of twists and turns, it wouldn’t be fair to share much of the story. There is Toms’ present life and his past. Who he is today and the situations he face hinges on his past. As the past unfurls we have a kid hooked to Sherlock Holmes detective series. His first “solved case” is a huge incident in his life. That polka dotted undergarments and the ensuing hullabaloo is told well. The incidents leading him towards the civil services are also narrated. The first half may go a bit slow when compared with the second, considering the thrills piling up later on in the movie.

The “curse” of that defamed sir haunts him and when we know his loss of peace is his bad mouthing wife, forever quarrelsome and brash – we get a hint of what is to follow. Such humour keeps the script alive. In the second half run ins with his wife triggers his career ruin. It is interesting how a serious and tough situation has been given that comic flavour in the money lender’s place. Here too (like ‘Ramaleela’) there is the arrest of the lead hero. A turn around is definitely expected. But the elaborate drama surrounding it is not. Just when we think the script banks too much on coincidence and plays God, we realise we are mistaken. The twists have been brought out well to give a nice finish.

Biju Menon actually appears as a hero this time around. There are a lot of others to do the comedy part including Salim Kumar, Harish Kanaran et al though sometimes the slap stick kind takes over here and there. Biju Menon’s performance is polished and he shines as Sherlock Toms. Srindaa does her part well. We feel annoyed and irritated with her character just as it is meant to. Miya though in a limited yet important role makes her presence felt as a journalist. The role may not be new for her but the boldness of her characters suits her. Suresh Krishna stands out in his role as a fire fighter. His droll humour is outstanding. That baby talk takes the cake.

Direction by Shafi is well done. The making is steady in that conventional sense and is a neat work. Script is good enough with enough intrigue and humour thrown in. Camera toes established frames and is solidly done. So are the edits. Songs are lukewarm. The movie cannot be faulted with on technical grounds, though neither is there anything out of the box to talk home about.

‘Sherlock Toms’ is a mixed bag of intrigue, thrills and laughs at the expense of the lead hero. It is a riveting enough watch for all kinds of audience.

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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