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Shock Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 10, 2006 • Telugu ]
Shock Review
RGV production banner
Ravi Teja, Jyothika, Tabu
Harish Shanker
Suresh Kondeti
Ajay Atul

It takes smart felicity to make a commercial entertainer even while incorporating the series issues of encounter killings and Maoist troubles. Newcomer director Harish Shankar manages that splendidly. If previous Ram Gopal Verma films (in Hindi) had almost glorified the encounter specialist cops. In this gritty potboiler, the searchlights are turned inside, so to say, as you come to know what happens if there is any goof up in these encounters. More importantly, what happens when the person chosen to be eliminated is no dreaded terrorist?

Well, check out with Sekar (Ravi Teja) and Madhurima (Jyothika) the happy couple. Everything is pinkishly fine in their world till the moment police (mistakenly) construe Sekar to be Maoist terrorist. They also shoot at him. He sustains injury but escapes. And then begins the bloody drama. Not wanting to own up their mistakes, the police take Sekar into custody after throwing false allegations against him. Madhurima is distraught. She moves mountain and earth to get Sekar out. When she gets too nosey, she is bumped off. This is the cue for Sekar to decide enough is enough and take to guns himself. He escapes (and with the help of TV journalist Geeta ---Tabu), he goes on a revenge spree.

The serious issue of human rights, the validity of encounter deaths and the brutality that lurks beneath the khaki uniform is beautifully segued into this commercial entertainer. Though the script could have been much more imaginative (especially in the second half), the overall effect is one of good value for money and debutant Harish has unequivocally announced the arrival of a fresh talent. He seems to be a worthy product from RGV's Factory. Harish has cobbled together a perfect pastiche of serious as well entertainment cinema. In the bargain, he has also elicited good performances from his cast.

Ravi Teja in the role of Sekar, a doting husband and revenge-thirsty man, is ideal. He has added new nuances to his acting repertoire. He is utterly believable in both the facets. Jyothika as a caring wife fits the bill perfectly. Tabu, as the nosey media woman, is, as her wont, professional to a T. She gets all the basics right and lends credibility to the character. Naga Babu as the CBI officer is also adequate. The encounter specialists Subbaraju and Ravi Kale have a veneer of reality to their work.

The technical backdrop and the production qualities are certainly good. Atul-Ajay's music is certainly worthy of a mention. So is Amar Mohale's background score. Sarvesh's simple and elegant camera work elevates the film. Infact, some camera angles are innovative and appealing.

All in all, Harish deserves plaudits for marrying sentiments, action and a gritty story in an agreeable fashion. A good example of how mainline masala entertainment can still be relevant.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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