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Shocking Video! Fisherman Gets a Deadly Catch

Monday, July 15, 2019 • Tamil Comments

A fisherman in Houston caught something much bigger and more dangerous than a fish. A video capturing the incident shows Chase McCray holding a reel with a fish around which is wrapped a humongous snake. The reptile did not let go off its treat even after it was pulled out of the water and stubbornly clung to its meal.

The fish would have probably faced the worst few seconds of its life, caught between two of the most dangerous predators, a snake and human. But McCray managed to separate the snake and fish and released them into the water again. He reported: “I took the knife to get the snake off the fish and released the fish. The snake had a few wounds from the knife, but I released it as well.” Ironically, the fisherman may have ended up saving the fish.

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