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Siva Mansula Sakthi Music Review

Siva Mansula Sakthi Music Review
Vikatan Talkies
Jeeva, Anuya, Uravasi, Santhanam
Rajesh M
B Srinivasan
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Sweet Musical Stuff
Thursday, February 12, 2009 • Tamil Comments

Yuvan Shankar Raja has dazzled in 'Siva Manasula Sakthi', produced by Vikatan Talkies. The half-a-dozen songs in the album are a blend of youth and class. Coupled with catchy lyrics by Na Muthukumar, the album has everything that today's generation of music-lovers would want to listen to.

The choice of singers like Haricharan, Shankar Mahadevan, Adnan Sami and Swetha are appropriate. Yuvan's rhythm and use of Punjabi are amazing. Thanks to SMS, he has proved once again that he is a reliable music-composer who can rise up to the big occasion.

MGR Illenga

Singer: (Haricharan)

A trendy song. It has everything in it. A vibrant foot-tapping number. Supposedly a song that introduces the hero and his friends, this song has the catchy and youthful lyrics of Na Muthukumar. One gets reminded of veteran Valee. The song has Rahman's touch all over it. The power-packed rhythm by Yuvan is the highlight of the song. Haricharan voice fits the bill well.

Oru Adangapidari

Singer: (Shankar Mahadevan and Swetha)

The song of the album indeed. All credit to Swetha who out beats Shankar Mahadevan. She oozes with energy all through the song. The good use of flute is the highlight of the album. Shankar Mahadevan is as usual at full flow. The lyrics seem to have been penned aimed at catching the hearts of youngsters straightaway. The song that begins on a soft note gains momentum at a calculated pace.

Eppadiyo Maattikitten

Singer: (Clinton and Nruthya)

A Punjabi Bhangra has never failed to appease music-lovers. When it is laced with catchy English lyrics, the effect is double. Though the song reminds one of 'Kadhalikkum Pennin Kaigal' from 'Kadhalan', it is sure to captivate music-lovers. Clinton and Nruthya are adequate. Yuvan's racy rhythm deserves special mention.

Oru Kal

Singer: (Yuvan Shankar Raja)

A soft song in Yuvan's kitty seems to be a pre-requisite in all his albums. This song rendered by the music-composer himself, is mellifluous and flows like a waterfall from a hillock. The piano bits coupled with the typical Yuvan style of rendition sticks to our hearts instantly. Though the song gives a feeling 'heard-before', it impresses for it has good music combined with fresh lyrics.

Thithikkum Theeyai

Singer: (K K and Swetha)

It has a rhythmic musical score combined with rap. Seemingly a racy song, it has everything the younger generation would love to hear. Again Swetha is at her cool best in the song. The rap interlude is sure to be hummed by everyone who listens to the album.

Oru Kal

Singer: (Adnan Sami)

After Yuvan Shankar Raja, it is the turn of Adnan Sami to render the song with his typical style. With his base and brisk voice, Adnan Sami brings grace and charm to the song. The music travels in correspondence with his magnetic voice.

Oru Paarvayil

Singer: (Ranjith)

This is short but a very sweet song in the album. Yuvan is visible all through the number. A trendy number, it is pleasant and pleasing.

With SMS, Yuvan Shankar Raja has yet again proved that he is adept in coming up with trendy and catchy music. The song sets up the mood for the movie. Yuvan is going great guns with SMS.