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Sivappathigaram Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 25, 2006 • தமிழ் ]
Sivappathigaram Review
Screenplay Entertainment
Vishal, Mamta Mohandas, Manivannan, Rajan, Kanja Karuppu, Raguvaran
Karu Palaniappan
Mohan Radha, Radhakrishnan

Sivapathikaram, in itself, symbolizes anger and ire. So it is little surprise that this film is of an angry young man, who launches a crusade against the current political system, which he feels is rotten and disgusting.

Vishal with his intense, brooding looks makes the cut perfectly as the man with a mission.

Karu Palaniappan has tried a different genre with this film and it is in total contrast to his earlier Parthiban Kananvu. In Sivapathikaram, he has taken a serious issue and approaches it with a no-nonsense attitude. He has not opted for cliched scenes or crass comedy. He means business, though he does seem to be inspired by Vijayakanth's Ramana at a few places. Nevertheless, Palaniappan does show potential to try different things.

The movie begins with a retired professor Elango (Raghuvaran) coming to his native village along with his daughter Charulatha (Mamta). He summons a student from Chennai, Sathyamoorthy (Vishal), to join him in his research on folk songs.

Sathyamoorthy's pleasing manners attracts Charulatha. Meanwhile, poll fever grips Tamil Nadu as general elections are announced. But, candidates are murdered one after another and a fear sets in among them. Many of them prefer to withdraw nominations. Citing lack of security to candidates, the State Election Commission prefers to postpone the elections.

Meanwhile, the police manage to obtain clues in a series of murders and arrest Elango. In a flashback, it is revealed why Elango with the help of Sathyamoorthy goes out to murder the aspiring MLAs.

Sathyamoorthy along with his friends had studied in a college in Chennai where Elango was the professor. They come out with a pre-poll election survey which results in them incurring the wrath of the ruling party of the State. With the help of police, they let loose terror in the college and kill over 50 students.

Sathyamoorthy and Elango, who survive the attack, resolve to teach a lesson to the corrupt politicians.

Vishal continues from where he left in Thimiru. With his tall physique and familiar looks, he suits the role well.  His eyes radiate the passion for such a character.

Mamta, the latest from Malluwood, plays a typical Tamil heroine. She appears in a couple of songs and disappears.

Raghuvaran, making his comeback, impresses. The loads of experience behind his back are evident in the way he performs.

Also in the cast are Manivannan, Shanmugarajan, Ganja Karuppu.

However, the real hero of the movie is Vidyasagar. Utilising the opportunity well, Vidyasagar has come out with brilliant folk numbers. Gopinath's camera has captured the 'Kallazhagar' festival in Madurai in a grand manner.

Palaniappan has dished out an entertainer with a strong social message.

Unfortunately, he failed to inject pace in the screenplay. The bold theme, laudable performances, splendid cinematography and brilliant music compensate for the shortcomings, making the film a sure-fire winner.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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