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Student Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 25, 2006 • Kannada ]
Student Review
LG Productions
Mayoor, Pooja Kanwal, Kishore, Komal, Sharat Babu, Vinaya Prakash, Pavithra Lokesh
G.Lallesh and Gangadhar

Right film at the right time! For students this is a very neatly made sumptuous treat. Inspired heavily from 'Dil' Telugu film (that was made from Mayalalam 'Classmates') this is a lavishly made with perfect selection of artistes, music and cinematography.

Shivu is a vibrant youngster. He has the perfect attitude. But when his father or anyone says something to do he does reverse of it. A gutsy youth can put down opponent in one punch. He does not any feelings on Amrutha but his surroundings tag him with love between him and her. The wrong conception in the minds of elders Shivu makes it true. He immensely loves Amrutha daughter of the No.1 torturer of the city. Shivu knows how to take challenges. He has the student power with him and the intelligence in him is intact. He gives lot of tension for Amrutha's father and fools him with his tricks. He says his marriage is in the college campus. But he has such cleverness that he arranges the marriage in the house of Amrutha. He gives security to his parents in his biter Amrutha's father yet wins the final battle.

It is a precise role for Mayoor. This is his best so far. He looks good, dances well and his action scenes are appreciable. Pooja Kanwal is the pretty girl on screen. She has got a good role too besides dance with Mayoor in a convincing style. Kishore and Komal are the fine performers too in this film. As a tension ridden Kishore he reminds Nana Patekar of 'Pharinda'. The affluent looking Sharat Babu, Vinayaprakash and Pavitra Lokesh adds further value to this film.

Patnayak seems to have lifted tunes from Telugu original film. Yet all the tunes are lilting and foot tapping. Ramesh Babu makes the scenes look luxurious in his camera work. It is a pleasant work from Babu.

This is a paisa vasool cinema for the entire family!

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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