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Tenaliraman Music Review

Tenaliraman Music Review
AGS Entertainment
Vadivelu, Meenakshi Dixit, Manobala,Radha Ravi
Yuvaraj Dhayalan
D. Imman
Jagajala Pujabala Thenaliraman - Music Review
Thursday, April 3, 2014 • Tamil Comments


VaigaiPuyalVadivelu is back with a bang, and with a period flick in the making the hype and hoopla surrounding the movie has rocketed sky high. Banking on the comical lines of Tenali Raman, the movie will see Vadivelu in dual roles. Imman's music will certainly add flavor to the movie which has all the essence of a "Royal" movie.


The track oozes with lust as the tune itself is sleazy and deceptive in nature. With a recursive hiccup through its rhythm, the magical vocals of Shreya Goshal present itself freshly. Imman's strength in strings is felt again, as he takes back through the days of 60's with effective collaboration of strings, and faint violins. Imman has done enough research on this song to give it a classic touch, sure to remain in your hearts for a long time.

Aye Vaayaadi:

Tenali Raman is known for his wit and classy humor, and looks like this song is about showcasing that. This song falls in the line with a couple of quirky lyrics from Viveka and a retro feel from the composer. Though it tries to vary in innovation, the monotonous tune looks plain and has little to offer than usual kicks of Imman.


Andrea's slick and cheesy voice makes the vocals the only winner of this number. The song itself takes a lot of inspiration from traditional Middle Easternrhythms and the orchestration gives a Turkish twist to it. The attempt is quite commendable however does not linger to your musical harmony and leaves the thought abruptly.


Yet again the singer makes the mark here, with Hari's soul lifting vocals tromping home. Imman's pick of the album with not using much percussion, weighing the strength on the singer the quirky number is rich in all departments. The backdrop of this song is all about inspiration and delivering it with strings and table is just the right technique!


Marks as the hero introduction song, is about the entry of Tenali Raman boasting his comic timing that always comes with a message. Starting off slowly, Imman weaves a magical orchestration that pops through the interludes. The best part about this number is the lyrics from PulamaiPithan lifting your moods with inspiring touches. Imman'sinnovation with strings never seem to cease, as the composer has yet again delivered a song with strings taking a major play.

Verdict : The usual Imman touch is missing