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Thanmatra Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, December 19, 2005 • മലയാളം ]
Thanmatra Review
Century Films
Mohanlal, Meera Vasudevan, Jagathy, Poojappura Radhakrishnan
Mohan Sithara

It takes lot of conviction and confidence to go against the grain. Tanmatra is certainly a film that goes against the conventional trends in Malluwood these days. It is a sensitive as well as sensible film that deals with the life of a loving father who is laid low by a debilitating disease. It is a touch tale woven with directorial touch.The film deserves unstinted praise for the manner in which director Blessy has gone about his work. Of course, no praise can ever be high for Mohanlal. He turns up a virtuoso performance, underlining once again his amazing talents. For those who saw him in the masala potboiler Naran, this must be a totally different experience. In a director-backed role, Mohanlal shines like an effulgent meteorite.

The story, in simple terms, is about a father who dreams big for his son. But he has to contend with the dreaded Alzheimer's disease. And life is never going to be same again for him.

Ramesan (Mohanlal) is a hard working ,bright government employee. His family is a close-knit one. His wife Lekha (Meera Vasudevan) and son Manu dote on him. Ramesan also guides his son at every step, wanting him to make it at the civil services --- a dream that Ramesan couldn't personally accomplish.

But fate has some rude ideas. Ramesan, faced with falling memory, goes to the doctor who diagnoses him to be suffering from Alzheimer's. Suddenly, after being in the position of guiding others, Ramesan needs others' help to lead his everyday life. He goes back to his ancestral home while son Manu is faced with a precarious predicament.

Tanmatra is a courageous story that can shatter any urban individual's life. Its strength is in its everydayness. Blessy fleshes out all the right emotions and makes you ponder poignantly at the cruel roll of dice in Ramesan's life.

If Blessy makes you think, then Mohanlal makes you cry with a performance that qualify to be one of his best ever. No _expression is out of place, No nuance is missed. He is of the highest class. Meera Vasudevan, an untested talent at this level, comes out with a surprisingly confident portrayal of a mother caught between a sinking husband and the ambitions of a son.

Nedumudi Venu as Ramesan's father, Jagathy as Ramesan's friend have lifted the scenes to new high.

The camera work of Sethu Sriram is seamlessly natural. Mohan Sitara's music is mellifluous.

Blessy, as a director, has shown that if you have the courage of conviction you can make the film you believe in. It is a case of mind over matter, which is incidentally also the cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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