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Thanthonny Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, March 23, 2010 • മലയാളം ]
Thanthonny Review
Prithviraj, Sheela, Kalabhavan Mani, Jagathy Sreekumar, Saikumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Captain Raju, Vijayaraghavan
George Varghese
Shahul Hameed Marikar
Tej Mervin

Imitation and recreation had been definitely one of the ways to emerge into better creative results. Believing in this notion, the creators of the mass masala movie `Thanthonny' have did their very best to indulge in copy pasting many sequences of the hit movies of the past to create a potpourri, reminding us of many bigger hits like Basha, Usthad to Devasuram. Even with this shortcomings that boost predictability factors, the movie has its moments, which may qualify it into an above average run at the Box Office.

The movie has Prithviraj as a rebel hero, even in his own big joint patriarchal family named Valiyaveettil which boasts of a current generation of IAS officers, IPS officer and even a state minister. Prithvi is 'Kochukunju', who is the spoilt grandson of Kochousepph and only son of Kathrina, whose three big brothers are in control of the family affairs.

He has a mysterious past when he was thrown out of his home to roam around in the north, and to return home only after a decade. Within an hour into the proceedings we are let known that Kochukunju is not a spoilt brat but a dogooder who holds a big secret, which makes him behave like that in the open.

The entire first half is devoted to build up the hero, his fancies, punchlines ,his romance and even a favourite song. Kochukunju repeatedly skips the family meeting to divide their ancestral shares. He has to prove something to everyone including his wealthy uncles, who had done something reckless in the past to make his life in turmoil.

What is that big secret deal and how Kochukunju finds ways to prove himself, forms the rest of the movie.

Prithviraj tries his level best to be in the shoes of actors like Mohanlal, even attempting to do some lighter sequences and comic dialogues, but with limited success. Sheela as the heroine Helen, who is after Kochukonju doesn't have much to show than her skimpy costumes, while the rest of the cast including Ambika, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Captain Raju, Ramu, Sureshkrishna and Sadiq have limited space to do anything significant. P Vasu, Jagathy and Saikumar appear in cameos which won't do much favour to the narratives.

T A Shahid's scripts has some interesting dialogues interspersed in between, but struggles most of the time to strike a balance between heroism and emotions. The presentations that boasts of 4200 windmills and 1500 crores of assets definitely demanded much seasoned ways and actors to handle, at least for the Malayalam audience who always looks for logic in between lines.

More illogical is the attempt of the members from a 1500 crore family, to sell it out to secure 300 crores to invest in a harbour project. The way to the climax is very predictable with not so engaging fight sequences. Debutant director George Vargese has packed the movie with Shajikailash-Renjithian styles of presentation but also fails to cover up the shortcomings in the scripts.

Sajith Menon's camera work is also mediocre while Bijith Bala has tried ways to cut it to slick sequencing. Tej Mervin's songs are average with one ''Kaatu Paranjathum'' which offers a soulful hearing.

With an age old formula that had done the trick to many superstars of present day cinema, Prithviraj would have liked an easy walkover with similar powerful packaging. But that is where the movie falters. With illogical narratives which find it harder to win hearts and believe about a 25 year old billionaire, `Thanthonny' will not qualify for those who demand a fresher construct or repeated viewing.

Prescribed exclusively for the die hard fans of the rebel star of Mollywood.

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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