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True Lover Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 10, 2024 • മലയാളം ]
True Lover Review
Million Dollar Studios, MRP Entertainment
Manikandan, Sri Gouri Priya, Kanna Ravi, Saravanan, Geetha Kailasam, Harish Kumar, Nikhila Shankar
Prabhuram Vyas
Nazerath Pasilian, Magesh Raj Pasilian, Yuvaraj Ganesan
Sean Roldan

True Lover Movie Review

True Lover is a heartwarming tale that follows the journey of a young couple, Sarah and Josh, as they embark on the significant milestone of taking their six-year-long relationship to the next level. The story delves into the complexities and challenges they encounter along the way, capturing the raw emotions and sacrifices inherent in any deep and meaningful partnership.


Arun (Manikandan), an ambitious entrepreneur, and Devi (Gouri Priya), an IT professional, have been deeply in love since their college days. After six years of nurturing their relationship, they embark on the journey of taking it to the next level. However, their path is fraught with unexpected challenges that test their emotional resilience. Their story unfolds against the backdrop of encounters with intriguing characters such as Travel Vlogger P.L. Madan (Kanna Ravi), Suhail (Harish Nagalakshmi), Aishu (Harini Sundararajan), Ramya (Nikhila Shankar), and Arun's parents, Raja (Saravanan) and Kala ( Geeta Kailasam). These interactions add intriguing twists to their narrative, revealing the complexities of their emotional journey and the repercussions they face.

True Lover Movie Review


Manikandan's performance in this movie is remarkable. His natural and realistic portrayal of the character brings depth and authenticity to the storyline. His powerful expressions and emotional range carry the narrative forward, capturing the audience's attention. His soulful delivery of dialogue adds depth and sincerity to his character.

Gouri Priya complements Manikandan well as the girlfriend. She effectively portrays a character manipulated by her possessive boyfriend's emotional blackmail. Her portrayal of the character's struggles and turmoil resonates with the audience. Kanna Ravi, as the project lead and travel vlogger, impresses with his handsome looks and delivers a decent performance.

The supporting cast, including Harini Soudarrajn, Nikhila Shankar, and Harish Nagalakshmi, contributes effectively to the film. Saravanan and Geeta Kailasam deliver strong performances as the protagonist's parents.

Director Prabhuram Vyas presents a story that, while familiar in concept, focuses on the emotions of a possessive and insecure lover and the impact on their relationship. The dialogues are youthful and impactful, adding depth to the characters and their interactions. The first half showcases the blossoming of love between the lead pair, while the second half delves into the emotional turmoil they face.

True Lover Movie Review

While the emotional scenes are powerful, they occasionally become repetitive, with the protagonist resorting to blackmail tactics such as threats of suicide. The film could have benefited from addressing a broader range of issues beyond the central theme of possessiveness. However, director Prabhuram Vyas redeems the film with an engaging climax that deviates from conventional endings.

Despite the emotional intensity, the story supports regressive and backward thinking, portraying the protagonist's controlling behavior and the female lead's passive acceptance of it. This aspect of the film could have been explored more critically.

Sean Roldan's emotional songs enhance the film's impact, connecting with the audience and amplifying the feelings of the lead pair. The background music effectively elevates the scenes, creating a powerful impact. Editing by Barath Vikraman is adequate but could have been improved to remove repetitive scenes and streamline the narrative. The cinematography by Shreyaas Krishna adds visual appeal, showcasing the beauty of Goa beaches and other locations. The production values are commendable.

True Lover Movie Review

Overall, the film delivers strong performances and emotional depth but could have benefited from a more balanced exploration of the central theme and a tighter edit.


Manikadan, Gouri Priya's True Lover, directed by Prabhuram Vyas, is a predictable youthful emotional entertainer with a high degree of aggressiveness. Despite the title's suggestion of a True Lover, the protagonist's actions often portray him as an emotional blackmailer and regressive lover, rather than a true lover. With a more refined script, the film could have had a greater impact and delivered a more nuanced exploration of love and relationships.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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