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Ulsaha Committiee Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, May 6, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Ulsaha Committiee Review
Jayaram, Sheela, Baburaj, Kalabhavan Shajon.
Akku Akbar
Arun Ghosh & Binoy Chandran


Even if  the director Akku Akbar has tried to bring in more ultsaham (energy and exhilaration) in this sort of story as in 'Ultsaha Committee', the movie could  not have been any better than what it is now . A sheer wastage of time, money and energy for all concerned and even the viewers, the movie ends up as the worst ever from Akku Akbar.

After providing Jayaram with a big comeback hit with 'Veruthe Oru Bharya', none could have thought about the team stooping down to such a film that lacks any convincing story, acting, making or direction.

The key characters in `Ulsaha Committee' are Apoorvan (Jayaram), Babumon (Shajon) and Chopra (Baburaj), three close pals from a village called Mandharakadavu. Apoorvan has a knack of discovering things , and is always into doing experimentation.  But at some points his inventions works faulty with men who buy them , which ultimately makes them to go after the threesome to teach them a lesson on never ever trying to invent anything any more.It is at this juncture that Apoorvan and his two friends unknowingly get involved in a scam involving the marketing of solar panels. They elope from their Mandharakadavu village  and are trying ways  to assimilate the  huge sum to pay back to the people who had trusted them and given them money to buy the solar panels. And midst their run for money they gets into  Natholi (Suraaj Venjaramoodu), and the rich lady  Rosemary (Sheela) who gives them a fresh idea to amass big money. How they toil with the idea and how it changes their lives forms the story that follows.

The shoddily scripted and loosely presented movie makes you wonder why an experienced campaigner like Akku Akbar has chosen this sort of scripts to make one film. You cannot single out one scene in which you find Jayaram in any sort of freshness.It neither entertains or excites , all that is left in the face of viewers is the unbelievability in the attempts to create that all sort of inane jokes and attempts on buffoonery. The performance by the lead players are all too sympathetic while a senior actress like Sheela is wasted in a poor role. And the lead lady Isha is left in a minuscule role that you may not identify if you have blinked your eye for a while.The technical aspects of the movie are all also average or poor with unimpressive music and average BG scores.                                                   

All in all , Ultshaha Committee is a totally insufferable movie , laid on a poor script, and unimpressive performances. If you try to view it after a few weeks, we are sure you will not find this in theatres.




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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