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Vaadamalli Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, June 13, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Vaadamalli Review
Zoe Estebe Moviez Pvt Ltd
Rahul Madhav, Richa Panai, Ramesh, Niji Mary
Alberrt Antoni
Sunil Chandrika Nair

Cinema lovers are thirsting for novel and untold stories and expect every film with newcomers as one, which may fill the void, with fresh content. If you haven't spotted one theme with freshness, the execution of the' subject can also make all the difference.And for a love story, if you fall in love with the on-screen characters and also if it knocks on the doors of your heart, then it is sure to work.

Now take the case of Albert Antony's `Vadamalli'. The fresh names in the lead, Rahul Madhav and Richa has aptly played their part. Cameraman Vaidhy S pillai has etched out some of the finest visuals that even match the tourism advertisements of Kerala. Editor Rajamohammed has assembled the shots, after well needed cuts. The director Albert Antony has appreciably called the shots and told the movie in a diverse patterns, than usual. And add to that, the songs are all used well with very interesting visualisations. Then what did really backfire in the case of 'Vadamalli', making it another pedestrian fare?
In an academic case of a `technique' becoming cliched and losing interest, `Vadamalli' is told as a tale that comprises of diverse versions of similar incidents. But what really failed to connect with the audience is that, with 95 percent of cast with fresher faces and synthetic sequences, the viewers never could remember all those in the frames, or their characters. It takes more than seconds to identify who is playing each character in the initial reels. And once when everything gets to settle, the interest in the movie dwindles, big time.Adding to that is the many superfluous sequences in the former half that fail to support the central plot, but succeeds in detaching the viewers.

The movie opens with an accident scene shown in ultra slow motions, and then the narratives go on in its course to get back to this point, when we realise who is who in the frames. `Vadamalli' is set in an Utopian hi-tech'  Beethoven Music College, where Vrinda Nambiar (Richa Panai) arrives to study classical music. Vasu (Rahul Madhav) one of her seniors, known as a rowdy in the circuits, had helped her to escape from drowning in the backwaters few weeks ago, when her attempt to pluck a lily had landed her in troubles. Vrinda is told to be a very conventional girl hailing from a traditional family, though her parents are in U S A. Vrinda had an instant liking for Vasu, who is also a great guitar player of the campus. Vasu initially doesn't pay listen to to the girl's intentions, but sooner falls for her, after realising her virtues. But one fine day, Vrinda goes missing and her brother Siddharth (Ramesh) is on the campus to find ways to locate her. Also playing key characters in the tale are Sandhesh, another violin player who is also the heartthrob of the campus girls and Renu, who is the room mate of Vrinda, in her hostel.

The biggest letdown of the movie is its woefully terrible scripts by Rajesh Varma and lazer Shine. There are gaping holes in the screenplay and one wonders how it was okayed in the first place. The movie's  topsy turvy trip are made pathetic by the  dialogues department, which hardly matches the sensibilities of the new generation. To give the credit where it's due, Vadamalli' has some interesting moments, but the problem is they are few and far between. One expects things to perk up when Ramesh's character is introduced in the post-interval portions, but your hopes go crashing as nothing worthy of note occurs. The culmination to the story is interesting but remains as an end that lacks thrills and lose steam. The director in Albert Anotny has planned very good shots over cranes and jibs but the essentially needed thing, the emotions, are lacking all through which makes 'Vadamalli' a lifeless experience.

In the acting side, Rahul Madhav is completely at ease, playing the lead role of Vasu, with a believable performance.You can notice the fine actor beneath the good looks and that's what makes you relate, at least  to his character for most parts. Richa is beautiful piece of decor, who may not fare exceptionally well in acting. The rest of the cast including freshers Niji Mary and Pradeep chandran are just passable in their roles. The makers could have looked for some known actors in lesser roles, so that the viewer could have immediately connected to their roles.  But that could also have been tricky in this film, as the comic track in 'Vadamalli'  handled by Bijukuttan and Raveendran, the only known actors, are the worst one than many seen in recent times.

As mentioned, the technical side of the movie is top-notch. The music by debutante Shyam is also applaudable with our pick including 'Tumanjin' and 'Neeyo Mazha'. We were also surprised not to see the other big hit 'Anuraaga' as a part of the film.

On the whole,'Vadamalli' is ordinary at best.  For most it may appear as a flower of unpleasing offering"

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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