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Vaaimai Music Review

Vaaimai Music Review
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Shanthanu Baghyaraj, Goundamani, Thamirabarani Banu, Manoj Bharathirja, Prithvi Pandiarajan, Thyagarajan, Ramki, Poornima Baghyaraj, Urvasi, Rose, Namo Narayanan, Ankita, B Kannan, Venkat, Prasad
A.Senthil Kumar
S. Tamizhini, S. Mani
A Vairamuthu''s classic
Thursday, July 17, 2014 • Tamil Comments

Shantanu is yet to earn a major breakthrough might have found himself at the right hands finally. A.Senthil Kumar, a former associate to, Vasantha Balan,  has joined hands together with another debutante, Auggath, music composer. The album sounds innovative and gives ample scope for the lyrics to rule over the tunes. Vairamuthu's lyrics are the major plus and the choice of singers makes this album a real good one.

Vaaimaiye Vellum - Vijay Prakash Listen here

The album kicks off to a rousing number. Vijay Prakash emits effervescence right from the initial verse 'Vaimaiye vellum yuge yuge'. The tune evokes the mood of a revolutionary number. The chorus are rich and so does the orchestration. The prelude which contains mild guitar notes paves way to thundering drums which sustains through out the tune thereafter. Penning inspirational/revolutionary number for Vairamuthu is nothing less than a walk in the park. 'Ovvoru kadalum thodandriya podhu thuligal daane thodangiyadhu'... 'naalai endru thavairppadhu sadangu.. indre indha nimidathil thodangu'... the song filled with glorious verses all over.

Kanpadum Unmugam - Alka Yagnik  Listen here

Auggath takes a u-turn from the drums and delivers a patho which is once again driven by lyrics. Alka Yagnik starts off the tune by rendering 'Aaaroro' and displays the pain of a mother who lost her child. The usage of minimal instruments in a multi layered synchronization in the first prelude is an interesting one. Vairamuthu strikes once again by his imagination 'Maganirundhum maladi naan' transfers the pain to the listeners.

Matta - Vijay Prakash, Blaaze Listen here

Another captivating tune from, Auggath. The sounds similar to Helicopter launch in the prelude sets the tenor. Blaaze's rap portion revolves around the song and does not overlap with excellent verses features Tamil's classical proverbs. An experimental effort hasn't gone vain. This could well be the BGM material for the movie. The pircturization of the song might elevate the mood to multiple levels.

Boomiye Saamiye - Sadhana Sargam Listen here

Sadhana Sargam makes a comeback to Tamil movies after a brief hiatus. Auggath offers another patho but this time he choose to stick with just one note and offers ultimate freedom for Sadhana to exaggerate on her own. Probably, this one could be composed based on the lyrics offered by, Vairamuthu.

Ae Nadu - S.P. Balasubramanian Listen here

If at all there's something which needs to be blindly trusted, then, it will be the combo of Vairamuthu - S.P.B. One more inspirational number to round off the album. Auggath plays the second fiddle to lyrics and makes his tune to solidify around it.S.P.B is in terrific form all over the song. The orchestration stands out once again to complete the soundtrack mainly focusses on revolutionary numbers.

Verdict - There's almost 2-3 music directors making their way to K-town. But few makes their presence felt. Auggath's tunes are fresh, raw, and intelligent enough to respect the lyrics. He is definitely here to stay.

Pick(s) of the album - Vaaimaiye Vellum, Matta, Ae Nadu