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Vaaliba Raja Music Review

Vaaliba Raja Music Review
Vanks Vision
Santhanam, Sethu, Vishakha Singh, Nushrat Bharucha, Jayaprakash, Sriranjini, VTV Ganesh, Devadarshini, Chithra Lakshmanan, Neelima Rani, Subbu Panchu, Santhana, Bharathi, Meera Krishnan, Kanal Kannan
Sai Gokul Ramanath
H Murali
An album for Youngsters
Friday, June 27, 2014 • Tamil Comments

The 'Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaya' team is back with a composer who received glorious accolades for his work in, 'Andala Rakshashi'. Once again it's the brand, Santhanam, who is shouldering all the responsibilities to market the movie. Radhan does help him to some extent with his teen-friendly numbers.

1. Ennamo Pannura

Singer(s): Rajan, Ramee

In the era of Auto tunes, the composer has tried to make a mix of various genres within the boundaries of it. The song does not sound too easy initially. Initial rap portion is good, but the tune disappoints and mars the flow of rap portion. What could have been a rhythmic electronica takes lot of u-turn and falls flat at the end.

2. Ice Cream Penne (Remix)

Singer: Arjun

The rap portion from the first song gets a foot tapping remix. Radhan gets the tune and vocals pitch perfect this time. The rhythm and composition gets a solid pace and it stays the same till the end. Radhan does have the potential to throw interesting surprises by going out of the tune for a while with a different instrument altogether and merges the prelude again.

3. Nadu Kadalula

Singer: Gana Bala

The busiest singer in the K-town makes his presence felt in this album too. A joyous number filled with lyrics from recent fast numbers. Bala puts in lot of effort to sound different in his own genre itself. Radhan makes the song, a typical dance number by playing regular kuthu instruments around it. This song will find a place in the wedding receptions for sure.

4. Oru Naal Oru Naal

Singer(s): Bobo Shashi, Veena Ghantasala

The album gets a much needed respite in the form of melody after three fast beats. Radhan gets everything in place right from the start. Bobo Shashi, the man who composed for 'Kulir 100' has evoked the emotions perfectly. Veena's short burst is too sweet and magical. The first interludes of violin and fast paced 'veena' in the second are worth mentioning. 

5. Va Madhi Vadhana

Singer(s): Mukesh, Blazee

Radhan has saved the best for the last in the album. Mukesh & Blazee complement each other really well. The lyrics do give an idea about the storyline. The way tune paves way for Mukesh to render the lyrics and Blazee to rock his rap verses very well. The chorus which combines together with the rock portion in the last 20 seconds is fabulous.

Though the album starts off with a below average number it does steadies itself from the third song. Radhan has tried to be imaginative within the given themes. He gets good support from, Na. Muthukumar, Madhan Karky, and his choice of singers to deliver a fun filled album. Hope he recreates a magic like, 'Andala Rakshashi' in the near future for Tamil listeners too.

Pick(s) of the album - Oru Naal, Va Madhi Vadhana