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Vargam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 13, 2006 • Malayalam ]
Vargam Review
Prithviraj,Mamta, Cochin Haneefa,Saikumar, Rajan P Dev, Salim Kumar, Devan, Anand, TS Raju, Koottikkal Jayachandran, Ambika Mohan
M. Padmakumar

A dishonest cop trying to turn a new leaf and wanting to come to grips with his heinous past is not a new theme exactly. We have seen both Mohanlal and Mammooty attempt that before.

But Vargam, with one such theme, doesn't disappoint you or make you lose interest, simply because of the smart screenplay from Padmakumar and a consummate performance from Prithviraj.

Padmakumar doesn't complicate things. He knows how to tell a tale in a simple straightforward manner and in Prithvi he has got a hero who can translate his ideas into performance with conviction and ease. And you can certainly say that this is Prithvi's best performance till date.

The story is about the venal cop Solomon (Prithvi). There is no nicety to him. He wants to make money in every case. He is heartless like a stony slab. He has a troubled childhood. His father, who ditches him for another family, leaves him in the custody of a priest in an orphanage (Rajan P Dev).

Solomon, as a policeman, is close with a Vavachan (Vijayaragahavn), a slimy Ganja cultivator and seller. Solomon takes on Vavachan's sworn enemy Ummachan (Devan). Solomon, in one of the run-ins, kills Ummnachan's brother Dennis.

But Solomon is transferred to a belt in Kasargod, which is the fief of Abubacker Haji (Captain Raju) and his son Sherif (Ananthu). Solomon befriends these forces too and goes after Nadia (Renuka Menon). But he soon falls out with Haji and the gangsters pulp him.

Now Solomon realizes his mistakes and wants to turn good. But he also has to contend with Ummachan who is baying for his blood to avenge his brother's killing.

It all sets up for a high-jinks climax.

Prithvi as the wily cop is decidedly first rate. He is utterly believable in his moral positions. He carries lot of conviction and his eyes convey the mood most effectively.

Renuka has a small role and she is also good. Devan, Vijayaraghavan are typical baddies and go through their motions.

Padmarajan has made the film work through an effective script and by sticking to a linear path.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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