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Vegam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, July 15, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Vegam Review
Vineeth Kumar, Jacob Gregory, Prathap Pothen, Samskriti Shenoy, Shammi Thilakan, Shani Shaki
Anil Kumar K.G
Govind Menon




As the name hints ‘Vegam’,is one movie that is expected to be a fast, slick thriller that must make your adrenaline go sky high . A thriller definitely  it is and of course fast too, but one that could have been more  faster and more gripping. As of now, though it doesn’t offer anything new ‘Vegam’ is a  decent watch.

But you get the feel that you’ve seen it all before; you feel it’s all predictable and you seem to look here and there occasionally, wondering whether others around are all as impressed as you are. At the same time it doesn’t bore you as long as it lasts, it’s just that you won’t perhaps want to go watch it a second time and you may not remember much of it a couple of months after you’ve watched it. It should have been scripted better and of course a bit faster, with some elements worked out in a better way.
‘Vegam’ is the story of two friends Siddharth alias Siddu (Vineeth Kumar) and David (Jacob Gregory). Siddu works in a Pizza joint while David is a sales guy, an one-man team for a company that markets instant chappati makers. Both stay together and find it hard to make things work particularly on the financial front. Finally Siddu decides to do something drastic and starts earning better money. This he does because he is in love with a young girl named Meera (Samskruthy Shenoy) and he intends to marry her and lead a happy life. Well, as you expect things go wrong after some time and Siddu lands up in trouble; in fact it’s both he and David who find things going terribly wrong and they are forced to do things that are even more drastic in nature. Interwoven with this thread is the story of Benny (Prathap Pothen), who had worked in the Gulf for many years and who now runs a shop here in Kerala. He is all set to marry off his daughter, but is in huge  trouble after he lost a bag containing all the gold ornaments he had bought for the wedding, using all his savings.
The writing has got its hare of highs and lows. Instead of sharp confrontations, verbal showdowns and surprising twists, what's offered is the standard and customary drama that doesn't pack a punch after a point . The two stories are but  blended credibly well and presented convincingly, but of course beyond an extent, it won’t appeal to you though it wouldn’t bore you…A few shots have been filmed proficiently, but you do feel that the director could've used the gimmickry even more efficiently to justify the theme and format of the film.
Vineeth Kumar is OK with his role and his looks while Jacob Gregory is cool as David. Samskruthi is just so so and has nothing much to do rather than to appear beautiful. Prathap Pothen is his usual self and repeats himself once again. Shammi Thilakan, as the bad guy Murugan, seems to be a ghost of the ‘Neram’ villain while Joju once again plays a boastful, funny cop.
To sum up, the main problem with ‘Vegam’ is it seems a cocktail of many films and a quaint ghost of ‘Neram’, with the script offering nothing much exciting. On the whole, the movie has some nail-biting moments, but they are few and far between. You may watch it since it’s better than those ‘new gen films’ released recently, but you may not watch it if you are not that keen on doing so. Your choice!!

Rating -5.7/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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