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Vensanghupol Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, August 29, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Vensanghupol Review
New TV
Suresh Gopi, Jyothirmayi, Meera Nandan, Manoj K. Jayan, Anoop Menon
Asok R. Nath
Sanal Thottam
Anil Pongumood

The new movie from Asok R Nath 'Venshankupol' is a depressing movie made on a drab vignette with grey tone sans any positive elements in this era of demanding creativities. It's about a man who succumbs to a fatal disease, living aside his family and friends trying to be oblivious about his whereabouts. Hardly promising in its story lines or presentations, this movie will add to the list of apathetic interests of any discerning viewers.

The movie has Sureshgopi as a famous writer and war reporter Nandagopan, who is staying himself away from his family for a solitary life in order to hide his disease that is on the brim to take his life at any moment. Nandhan's only desire is to somehow marry off his only sister Aswathy, Away from his work schedules on attempts not to make any of his fellowman or family aware of his threat to life, he is taking medication for survival as per the advice of Dr. Sulochana Thankachy, whom he has a motherly affection to. But as Aswathy's marriage is fixed to Rajeevan, an employee with an automobile dealer, Nandhan has to reach home. There everyone including his wife Indhu is surprised to see his present situation, lacking the inherent spark in his eyes. Nandhan finds it difficult to cope up with domestic pressures and fails to follow the schedules of medicines. As his situation moves to more complexities, Nandhan is forced to travel to the capital city to take the advices of a doctor in RCC. And amidst the way, Nandhan goes missing and his bag is retrieved by the railway police. What follows is the what 'Venshankupol' is all about.

The problem with 'Venshakupol' is that the movie doesn't have a storyline to hold your interest for a two-hour length. Anil Mukhathala's script is devoid of many happenings in the proceedings and the viewers feel that they are just left to witness the turmoil of the affected protagonist who is passing through the slender bridge between life and death. The movie leads you to gapes quite often and makes an intense want in you to interact and collaborate with the voids of the narrative. A lot of celluloid is wasted for the melodrama that is hardly captivating with the inclusion of superfluous cliched characters like the white clad School Teacher. The interactions of various characters with each other are often vaguely drawn with lack of feelings and sensations. The relationships that appear between the spouses also appear frail, with the character of Jyothirmayi moulded in a very conventional makeover.

The only highlights of the movie are its relatively better performances and cinematography by Ramachandrababu. Sureshgopi is for the third time left in a bed with little movements (the earlier being 'Adbhutham' and 'lanka'), most of the time. But he has tried his level best to echo the feats of a character facing imminent death. In many a sequences, he has been able to express the desired impact and is one of the best chances that he has got in recent times to emote with effective subtlety. Jyothirmayi who plays Indhu also has a meaty role, while late genius Murali appears in a cameo, sans his original characteristic voice. The rest of the cast including Manoj K Jayan, Anoop Menon and Meera Nandhan are also good in their roles. The three songs in the movie are soft and slow and don't pace up the narratives.

All in all, 'Venshakupol' targeted at the rarest gentry, will not have much takers and is all set to disappear in a week.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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