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Vikramadithyan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, August 11, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Vikramadithyan Review
Dulqar Salman, Unni Mukundan and Namitha Pramod.
Lal Jose,Mohan Nambiar

It is an uphill task for anyone to satisfy viewers, when you are coming up with a multistarrer just after the phenomenal success of another like ‘Bangalore days’. Comparisons are natural and inevitable and one needs to be very cautious even in the marketing side. But Laljose is one maverick director who can take such risks, as is evident from his latest for this Ramzan-‘Vikramadhityan’.  With a hotchpotch of  action, fun, romance, friendship and drama, all tied up nicely with a feel good climax ,’ Vikramadhithyan’ is sure to emerge the winner this season, though not in the league of it’s predecessor ‘Bangalore days’. All trademark Lal jose features are sprinkled lavishly by scriptwriter Dr.Iqbal Kuttipuram,  to position the movie as a safe bet at the Box Office.

The movie has an extended prelude before the current tale, largely revolving for long in the childhood days of the characters played by Dulquer Salman, Unni Mukundan, Namitha Pramod, Lena  and Anoop Menon. Here we see Aadhityan brought up as the son of a dishonoured thief Kunjikannan who succeeds in marrying Lekshmy(Lena) a police officer, in the disguise that  he is also an officer posted in the police camp. But when he is identified and is ruined before the public and his son , he commits suicide. Adityan has a classmate and a foe-like friend ever ready for competition in anything, in Vikraman(Unni Mukundan) , who is the privileged son of a circle inspector Shenoy(Anoop Menon). Living in the same village and neighbourhood,   the friendship of Deepika( Namitha Pramod)  is another common thing that the two share. For Deepika, Vikraman is her good friend while Adityan is ‘worst friend’ with whom she is but ready to start a life. The latter half is more about the aspirations of both to get themselves enrolled in the police force and what fate have in store for them.

The movie has that wafer thin’ good boy-bad boy’ tale, which emerges out from the solid platform that is launched. Though a predictable tale and story lines, what works for the movie is the non-linear structure of its narratives and the way in which it is packaged. It  progresses through bit and pieces in telling the rivalry between an ordinary Adityan and a fortunate Vikraman, who beats Aadi in every competitions. In the process of making a commercially viable flick, all ingredients including half a dozen songs, good one liners and comedies  and a couple of fights  and themes of an uncanny  friendship, romance, family relationships, and an underdog's story, are packed well with attempts to project the star status of  Dulquer Salman. There are some fine lines for him, which Dulqar accommodates easily, though the attempt to deliver Mohanlal’s famous dialogue doesn’t gel well with Dulqar’s style.

Apart from Dulqar Salman, it is Namitha who looks at great ease even in a demanding role. Unni Mukundan is surprisingly good in a role that may create more fans for his physique and smiles. Anoop Menon and Lena are perfect in their characters while the actor playing Aadityan’s father also has a mesmerising screen presence.

In the technical sides, cinematographer  Jomon T John sticks to his standards and deliver another visually appealing flick for Laljose. Ranjan is back  with fine cuts after a while in 145 minute long film.  Bijibal’s songs may take time to enter the top of the charts. All of his half a dozen melodies are visualised well and thanks to the director that they doesn’t hamper the flow of the narratives. In the final analysis, *Vikramadithyan* ‘ will emerge  a winner mainly due to the expertise of its seasoned director who could convert an average e screenplay with loopholes, into a watchable entertainer. Good songs, fine visuals, neat performances, few twists and an ordinary storylines, if this could satisfy you- then ‘Vikramadhityan’ is your film for Ramzan season.


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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