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Yennamo Yedho Music Review

Yennamo Yedho Music Review
Ravi Prasad Productions
Gautham Karthik, Rakul Preet Singh, Nikisha Patel, Prabhu
Ravi Thiyagarajan
P.Ravikumar, P.V.Prasad
Yennamo Yedho - Jazzy treat
Tuesday, February 4, 2014 • Tamil Comments


Imman is basking in the glory of 'Jilla's' victory, and no doubt, expectations on the composer have risen multiple notches after his previous bout of success. Gautham Karthik, after a phenomenal launch by stalwarts in cinema, is gearing up for a breezy entertainer in his second, with 'Yennamo Yedho'. With all eyes on this project, how has the team fared? Very good, we'd say! Here's how you do the 'Yo-Yo'.

1. Neeyenna Periya
Voices: Anirudh, Harshitha Krishnan

Trust Anirudh to give blockbusters, and there's no questioning his sure shot when hand in hand with another trendsetter - Imman. Opening the song with his typical voice sounding like a nonchalant rascal, this track is joined in by Harshitha for a taunting exchange of lines. Beats are thumping yet gentle and supportive to the mood and flow of the song, on a steady tempo. This song also has a hint of jazz to it, pepping up the mood, rendering it to be probably one of the best breakup songs ever made! All said, the opening track is a cool one to tune into.

2. Shut Up Your Mouth
Voices: Deepak, Shruthi Hassan

You almost expect a romantic duet in Arabic style with the signature hum, but the lyrics are in complete contrast. Unearthing the age-old kiddish jab for it's signature lines in Deepak's peppy voice, this track has a strong middle-eastern influence to it nonetheless, but also has jazz added here and there in hints. A duet that speaks to convince after a rupture, this number is sung in convincing voice of Shurthi that takes a pleading and inebriated tone as and when it demands, adding yet another well-conceived peppy number to the album.

3. Muttalai Muttalai
Voices: Imman, Maria Roe Vincent

This track is a song of self realization and is a cute solo in Imman's energetic voice, accompanied by Maria Roe Vincent for jazz appeal. The track opens with lyrics and on a pop note, but proceeds to change tempo adding a dubstep tryst towards the end. What makes the song cute is its lyrics and the way it has been carried. The lines convey every quirk that a love-struck lad might get his feet into, not knowing the heads or tails of world. But this song also gives the hint of separation, making it unsure in parts as to whether it really is in love or is in the loss thereafter. Nonetheless, there is one more foot tapping track to the album with a lot of positive vibe about it.

4. Mosale Mosale
Voices: Deepak, AV Pooja

It's the enchanting strum of guitar that introduces Deepak's voice, later adding Pooja's strikingly unique modulation and tone to the track. This one is an intelligent fusion of desi and western to a foot-tapping number, and is a romantic duet. Drum roles and all the keys are in perfect harmony for a typical party base. After a raunchy extempore, the song changes tempo at the last third, turning a retro identity to the fusion. All along, lyrics are perfectly in place, adding volume and depth to the song as is necessary wherever. And finally, the track ends in hums and delightful strums.

5. Pudhiya Ulagai
Voice: Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

For the first time, Imman has brought Vaikom Vijayalakshmi's distinct and one-of-a-kind voice to Tamil in a solo describing separation and stimulating in a sort. But this is not any other sad solo, it seems to have been carefully worded for an inseparable bond that stands a helpless witness to agony of the beloved. Unwilling to leave, yet pressed by circumstances, the protagonist of the song has the best choice of voice in Vijayalakshmi's chords. This track begins with soothing strums and gentle keys with the lilting voice of Vijayalakshmi in the fore, gradually backed by jingling beats. And not only has Vijayalakshmi lent her voice for this track, she has also played her trademark Gayathri Veena. In all, this track is a surprise package, be it in its mood or in the voice and tune.

With every album, Imman excels his own previous record with tunes like never before, and 'Yennamo Yedho' is the next level higher in his prowess. The album brims with optimism almost throughout and has a different outlook in almost every emotion. Kudos to Madhan Karky for penning in perfect sync with the mood of the album. Having said that, we conclude that 'Yennamo Yedho' is a sure winner.

Rating: 3.8/5