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You Too Brutus Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 23, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
You Too Brutus Review
Sreenivasan,Asif Ali,Ahmed Sidhique,Anu Mohan,Tovino Thomas,Sudhhy Kopa,Honey Rose,Rachana Naraynankutty &Ena Sahaa
Roopesh Peethambaran
Roby Abraham

Coming after the much applauded experimental movie 'Theevram', here comes 'You Too Brutus' , a well crafted movie that delves much on the extend of deceit that Keralites practice in their everyday life.With sharp wits in dialogues and asking for probing observations, the movie packs in a lot of lives in its short screen time , devoid of much frills and spoon feeding. And naturally it may not be everyone's cup of tea,.

The movie is a collage of sorts of lives of almost a dozen people intertwining at various points. Hari (Sreenivasan) is an artist whose younger brother Abhi (Asif Ali) has got married to Aparna
(Rachna Narayanankutty), much against his advice . But Hari's advices are taken with real spirit by a few young men who lives with him, celebrating their bachelorhood in an old mansion which
neighbours a dance school. Vicky (Anu Mohan) who is having regular physical relations with his girl friend Tina in his office apartments is hoping to get married with her some time, while
his close friend  Shirly (Honey Rose), a model and a singer  dreams of making a name as a playback singer.While Arun (Ahmed Siddique) is in deep love with a plus two student  Diya (Ena Saaha)from North India, Tovino a gym instructor is happy with his lady fans and in giving unwanted advice to Unni (Sudhi Koppa) , their servant, on matters relating to seeking and
establishing  relations. The movie which doesn't waste a minute to establish its long list of assorted characters just make an out of the box  sudden opening and in five minutes you are
right into the center of events.The characters pass on from their initial cushions to sudden transformations. The change of emotions, love, respect  and infidelity is faster than any other
films that you have seen in recent times.And in the midst you also miss some essential scenes and melodrama that could have told the camaraderie that exists in the bachelor lives in old
building nurtured by Hari. But once you ignore the little loose ends, it must be said that Roopesh Peethambaran continues with his experiments that he has started with 'Theevram'.

At 101 minutes, this 'You Too Brutus' with the title card in the intervals and a packed song to introduce the characters in the most meticulous of their manners, is a fine offering for all who
looks for different experiences.

                         The acting side is near perfect but at least three faces take the cake with brilliant roles. Tovino Thomas is charming with his narcissistic body shows and is  simply
terrific with even passing shots and manages to make  viewers laugh aloud with his dimwitted observations.Honey Rose,appear in ease than ever before and emoted her demanding
character with elaan.  Sudhi Koppa though with little dialogues was the man of the moment whenever he adored even the outlines of the frames. Together with them the
mentionable performances came from Anu Mohan, and Rachana Narayanankutty. Asif Ali looks mature as his character demands . Ahamed Siddhique but still needs to work on his
dialogue presentations and appear aloof from the real performances around, while Sreenivasan is in the regular mould.. Roopesh  has definitely moved on from his debut fare
and has assured a perfect technical side though with debutantes. The DOP by  Swaroop Philip  was really  applaudable with some fine telling closeups and the editor Abhinav
seems to be razor sharp is cutting away every unwanted things from the fray. Add to that some chilling , soul searching music by Roby Abraham,  this 'You Too Brutus'  stands
out as one movie that will satisfy the new generation film goers.With no characteristic story telling paths here, the regulars may find the presentations shallow and desperate.

You Too Brutus' is prescribed for those who like to watch worthy, off the track  presentations.


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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