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Salman Khan: No worry have broken my bones many times even before coming to the industry

IndiaGlitz [Monday, January 13, 2014]

Salman Khan - Bollywood box office most 'wanted' is back. Last year there was a null for Salman Khan fans but this year the Box office 'Dabangg' is back with his most awaited 'Jai Ho'.

Salman Khan in a bare all interview with indiaglitz speaks about love, relationships and Jai Ho..

Recently, South Indian actress Trisha Krishnan said on television that she would like to marry you. Comment.

For how many weeks? How long? I am not into getting married or having a girl friend. I am having a blast. I am enjoying my single status (laughs).  I don't have to explain myself to anyone.  Neither do I expect anything from others nor faith or loyalty. I am non committal. I don't care and do whatever I want to do.

Are you scared of commitment?

I committed when I had to, now I am not committed about anything.

Aamir Khan recently said that you can bulldoze through all logic in your films and get away with it which feels he can never accomplish

But he has done it with Dhoom 3 now. Aamir does different kind of cinema where as my kind of cinema is completely different.  I do a little bit of both. My movies are morally, principally and emotionally correct. That's why they do well at the box office. Come watch and have fun. The only reason why a film would do well is because they are emotionally correct.

In one of your interviews you'd said the format of the kind of films you've done is becoming repetitive and someday it will die. So how different is Jai Ho

Yes I believe that the Wanted format is considered as action whereas it is not. But there's a story to it to.  There's a certain twist it's not a random film where you kick and there are twenty goons flying everywhere. There are a lot of fighters involved in the film. That's why it was such a big hit. Then films like Singham and Dabangg came which became repetitive. It's like watching Hum Saath Saath Hain after Hum Aapke Hain Koun. If Hum Saath Saath Hai had released earlier it would have become a bigger hit but people get tired of watching the same family stories. In Jai the action is different the hero is doing everything and not the fighters. He is jumping, diving and falling off which I was not supposed to do because of my health issues.

Why do action when it takes a toll on you

It's challenges me to do action on this level at this age of 48. Every time I watch a film it gives me sense of wanting to do that character. They are films made with a heart.  That's why I choose movies like Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg.  The audience wants to see me in action and they pay to watch me doing all that. They are not concerned whether I have aneurism or any other health issues.  Anything can go wrong when we do these kind of stunts. We are risking our lives shooting at 40-50 ft height diving or hanging off the cliff.  During the shooting of Bodyguard the cable snapped and I fell from 20 ft on a car. Even during the shoot of Jai Ho a car comes and bangs into me. I roll over on the car and it hits the windscreen and cracks.  I controlled myself had I put more force I would have gone through the windscreen.  It takes minimum of an hour to get back to work.  I have broken my bones even before I came into the film industry.  I think every actor goes through this. There has been a time when my hands came behind my back and my father was so irritated he slapped me and broke my jaw.

How is Jai the character in the film, do you relate to the character

Completely. He is a lot like me. Everyone has the right to be uncommon. They should be uncommon.  We have to have such sensitivities to recognize who is good or bad. Your own character is very important. We lack the courage to take our own decision. Don't be confused in life. If you don't like something don't do it.  We often blame the system for everything.

Has it got to do something with the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) which came into power recently

No it has nothing to do with politics. I don't know why it is being compared to politics. It's the grouse of the common man against the system.  We even have a dialogue in the film which says "We are trying our best to be uncommon. No one can corrupt me if I don't want to be corrupt"

The industry is obsessed with the box office figures reaching an ultimate high.  Does it bother you what are your expectations with this film

I don't want to be part of the number game.  I wished I could bring down the prices of the tickets down but it's not in our hands. It's the exhibitors and distributors who decide the ticket prices and they should not lose money.  The producer loses money but I was ready to bear the loss. I am not here to break records all I want is to grab more eyeballs.

But you have been making films with low content

I want to make good films.  The kind of cinema I have seen in theatres where I would stand on the seat and whistle for the hero.  Where you can scream when the hero comes on screen. You may call them Salman kind of films but I don't care. It should stay with me for a long time.  Since I am in that position I want to give my fans such cinema. The movie should be such that if the hero has fallen down the audience should feel the urge to yell, "Get up". The feeling should be such that you come out of the theater and you want to be that hero. I have gone through the experience and I still go through the experience. When I see a good film, whether it is action or romance, I want to be that man. I want to be that son, that boyfriend, that war hero. And that effect stays with me for the longest time.

You have given break to a new girl Daisy Shah tell us about her

Daisy was a jurnior artiste and a background dancer who became an assistant choreographer.  She is the right candidate for the film than some model who does not know how to speak the language.  You train a model and she gets the role because she is beautiful.  She is the same line like my mother Helen Aunty.  Helen Aunty was a bigger star and a dancer. Daisy has had the experience of facing the camera in south films and doing songs. She has modeled too and deserves to be a heroine.

You are promoting Big Boss 7 contestant Elli Avram too like a Godfather as you have done in the past too

Why not give some good talent a break. Elli is good and deserves a good film. I may cast her in the future.  Someone had faith in me and gave me a break. J.K. Bihari and Sooraj Barjatya gave me a break. Ajaz Khan deserves to be in the industry. So does Santosh Shukla.  Santosh is a true admirer of Shatrughan Sinha, Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Jackie Shroff and you see him in the promos, he is very effective.

But because of this you often get accused of favouritism. What do you have to say about that?

There's no favouritism. If I like somebody I like somebody. If there's a 'connect' with somebody I like that person. Let me give you an example. There's an old liftman in my old building. we have done everything to help him for years when he was in trouble. We have sent his children to school, helped him with hospital bills. But now something happened and he has gone against us. I can't remove him because next day it will be in the papers that I have thrown an old man out.  I can't whack him or slap him.  He lives in an illegal place.  I even offered to buy him a place here in the vicinity but he refused saying that he is getting a better offer.  He's got tutors now to support him.  Someday the BMC will come and throw him out and he will be crying. He has no valid papers of his house. But he doesn't listen.

You are doing a cameo in a Marathi film.

Yes, I am making a cameo in Riteish's Marathi production Lai Bhaari. I am also producing a remake of Marathi film Shikshanacha Aaicha Gho which was directed by Mahesh Manjrekar.  The film is tentatively titled God Only Knows.  We were planning to cast Govinda in the film but he refused it. From the last three years I have been behind him but somehow he isn't interested in it.

You say that you don't believe in number game which is what every star says

But I actually mean it.  I just don't want my films to flop because that means my thinking is going wrong and that would be the worst thing. But I believe in Jai Ho because I have seen the rushes and it gives me a sense of wanting to be that character. Many a times the most favorite film of the actor does not work. I have the fear too and it's the worst thing for an actor when he starts doubting his own work. I hope it doesn't happen with Jai Ho because it's the film closest to my heart.  It has action, comedy, romance and everything that none of my other films have had.

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