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    ‘Shahrukh is still a boy for me’- Aziz Mirza

    [Interview by Savio Zacharia]
    Friday, July 18, 2008
    Aziz Mirza is in no rush for making films or proving himself out. The director who has made very few films be it ‘Yes Boss’ , ‘Chalte Chalte’ ,’Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani’ and ‘Raju Bangaya Gentleman’ is very content with life and wants to enjoy it every single day. With ‘Kismat Konnection’ round the corner, here’s a transcript of a session with him.

    Sir, With ‘Kismat Konnection’ round the corner, would you like to give us a sneak into the film?

    Well, honestly ‘Kismat Konnection’ isn’t a great film. Let’s get this straight! If I claim that this film is great and worthy of trophies; then there isn’t a bigger fool than me. As always I’ve just made a simple, decent film that I’m not ashamed of. Few years down the line, if I were to reflect upon this film I would be happy that I’ve made it.

    From simple titles to ‘Kismat Konnection’ with a ‘K’. Is it some numerological reason?

    Na! See the reason you are curious is because of the way the title is. So I believe it’s apt. I’m from a socio-political background. I make films for the masses. Not an intellectual film . It’s not saying much yet said very well. I’m 66yrs old now, why would I want to prove a point or sound intellectual?

    Why such a long break since your previous film?

    Three days after the release of ‘Chalte Chalte’, my wife passed away. I went through a certain phase or so called emotional upheaval of life. The fact that we had been friends since school days wouldn’t let me go. Well, that’s life! ‘Kismat Konnection’ really happened by ‘Kismat’.

    It’s the first film where you’ve signed in someone else besides Shahrukh..

    The film requirement was for a young boy. No doubt, Shahrukh is still a boy for me but he has grown to be a man of 40 odd years. Since my films don’t have too much of action, melodrama thus I required actors. I was fortunate to have Shahid and Vidya on board.

    Tell us about the involvement of your son Haroon and daughter Rahila on this project?

    Haroon has always had an eye for direction and is the associate on this film. It’s my daughter Rahila who actually brought about this small story idea which was later worked upon by Sanjay Chel, Vibha Singh and Sai Kabir. I’m worried about Rahila. She doesn’t believe that she can make a fine director but I assure you that with observation and attention to details, she can surely make a fantastic director.

    Working with the fine younger lot on a topic such as ‘Romance’, how do you see yourself in the evolution of romance if so you believe it has evolved?

    See romance in no way is the USP of my film and nothing is as I don’t believe in the concept of USP. I believe in reality. Live in reality, reality is today! My approach to the film is no way ancient; it’s young as I’m constantly with the young. My films have always targeted the young. I’m younger than my actors. Young at heart! Shahid and Vidya are like my children and they followed every instruction of mine maybe cause of my white hair. They are my ‘Bachas’(kids)!

    The music of your film is very much unlike your previous films and would be considered loud and peppy rather than soulful. Comment.

    See the music truly belongs to Pritam and if I say I did it all even the music etc,there isn’t a bigger fool than me. Everbody from the singers to Pritam to the lyricist worked on it and I’m happy.

    Any message or last word from the young at heart Azizji?

    My dad once told me- ‘Ever you are young and believe in luck and not hard work , it’s all humbug. But at 60 if you don’t believe in Kismat there isn’t a greater fool.’

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