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    Anurag Kashyap reputation is at stake - Kunal Kapoor

    Wednesday, October 31, 2012
    Sitting relaxed in casuals b-town talent Kunal Kapoor is thrilled with excitement and fun for his upcoming laughter ''''Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana''''.. indiaglitz gets close to the actor who shares it all...

    Where have you been?

    Well I was auditioning for Mr. India... ( jocking)no actually I was around working for Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana. This film is really very close to my heart as I was involved right from the beginning. So all my energy was sort of focused on Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

    Tell us about your character in the film?

    it's the character which I have never played before. Omi khurana is a like meethi churi he who ran away from the house 10 years back to London. Omi is not in the touch which the family ever since. He will do anything to make his work done. He will lie, cry and be nice to you. He is selfish He is a bit of a fraud in London and does whatever to make quick money there.

    Whose idea was to rope in Huma Qureshi?

    It was Sameer Sharma the director's idea. He saw her in Gangs of wasseypur even I have seen her so we thought she is a good choice for the role of Harman.

    How Anurag Kashyap comes into the picture as a producer?

    Me and Sameer are friends for very long time. Once we finished the script we went to Anurag Kashyap and asked whether he would like to produce it. At that time he was leaving for Banaras for the shoot of Gangs of Wasseypur but fortunately after boarding the flight he called up and said he is producing the film. This film is like a car crash between yashraj, suraj barjatiya films and Anurag Kashyap films and jokingly we called as kashraj films because this film is about family, love and food but it still has the madness and unpredictability of Anurag kashyap's films. We felt this film have the quality that his films have but still it is new for him.

    Did you go to someone else before approaching Anurag?


    Anurag kashyap is known for his kind of cinema and this film got a different taste?

    We used to joke on Anurag that he has made films for family this time. This film doesn't have absurd language or violence so his reputation is on stake....

    There is lots of buzz of 100 cr club thing in the industry. What's your take on it?

    100 cr is the tip of the ice berg. The movie business will grow more over next few years. Few films are already crossing 200cr like ek tha tiger, 3 idiots and its great, fantastic. There is no actor in the world who doesn't wants to make money so why just 100cr it should be more.
    You are in the industry since a decade but you have done very less movies. Reason?
    For me it's important that I should be part of the film which I am excited about and I am very clear what sort of film I want to do and don't want to do and unfortunately I come across the film I don't want to do. And the one I want to do I was far in the queue. I believe that if you are not excited about the film you better rather sit at home and read book instead of doing it.

    Are you happy with it?

    I am happy where I am

    Is the industry is kind to such breaks?

    No, the industry is like.. out of sight out of mind.

    Will you like to be part of an art film which attracts niche audience?

    I believe in two kinds of films good films and bad films. But if I spend so much of my time doing a film then I want to reach out to as many people I can and I don't want to be a part of a niche films unless it is damn exciting and comes from a director I really want to work with or it's a script that I can't say no to. But it's important to do commercial films but the commercial films have the sensibility of independent cinema. Just like Munnabhai series, 3 idiots, Rang de Basanti, Chak De they were all commercial films with independent film sensibility.

    In multi starrer films it's difficult to be get noticed but that is not the case with you so to whom you will give credit?

    It's good but the credit goes to the character I portray in the film like Bachana Aye Haseeno I had 3 scene and still people liked it so it's important to do good character and shouldn't be bother about how many people are there in the film.

    You have started your career working as assistant directors so do we going to see you as a director in near future?

    Directors are the people who pamper people and actors are who get pampered so the choice is clear. I would like to direct short films may be in the future but not a feature film.

    In the movie you are a cook. How good cook you are in real life?

    I am a bad cook in real life. I can just boil eggs and can cook maggi. I am just like any typical guy who doesn't know how to cook.

    What's your take on remake movies?

    It depends who is making the remake. It should be done by right person and for the right reason. If you are remaking it for the sake of publicity then it should be untouched but if it likes taking the old story to new generation then its fine. For example- sholey, shaan these films are incomparable.

    If given a choice between commercial success and critical acclaim. Which one you will choose?

    Obviously commercial success. The reason is you want to reach out to as many audiences. Critical acclaim is also important but if the choice is in between then I will go for commercial success.

    So is this one of the reason you stay away from independent cinema?

    you know if I spend my 1 year in a movie and just thousand people are going to watch it then there is no point. There are lots of stories to be told but I want to be the part of the stories which reach out to be as many peoples.

    How you choose movies?

    Sometimes character sometimes it's the director you want to work with. And sometimes I just want to be part of good stories. Different things in different times.

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