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Be careful before you share, forward messages

Saturday, July 7, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Be careful before you share, forward messages

If you are someone who thinks sharing or forwarding a controversial post on Facebook or Twitter or some other social media platform won't land you in trouble because you didn't author the post, you are wrong.

In May this year, the Madras High Court clearly said that forwarding or sharing messages on social media would be seen as an act of ENDORSEMENT.  

When you share someone's post without any criticism, those who read it take it to mean that you endorse those views. And with a High Court itself interpreting sharing/forwarding as an endorsement, you have to be guarded without fail.

In some cases, even liking a controversial post can land you in trouble.  So, be cautious.  

In the past, there were cases when some people lost their jobs for writing "offensive" things on social media.  If due discretion is not exercised, even sharing "derogatory, illegal" things can lead to shocking consequences.