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Cab driver lures women, commits serial rapes

Thursday, August 16, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Cab driver lures women, commits serial rapes

In Chennai, a cab driver named S Suresh Kumar chanced upon an idea to lure young women into his trap.  He would target women waiting at bus stops.  He would go to them, saying that his family members are looking for women who can participate in pujas at his home.  Participants will get gold and silk saris as dakshina, he would lie to his future victims!

It shouldn't be hard for any adult person to find it fishy.  But no, several unsuspecting women fell into his trap.  Once a woman walked into his cab, Suresh Kumar would lock the doors, take the car to a distant place, sexually assault them and take away their belongings.

Fortunately, when a victim complained to police along with his registration number, they could nab the predator in no time.