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Gowtam SSC Music Review

Gowtam SSC Music Review
Navadeep, Sindhu Tolani, Madhu Sharma
Arun Prasad
Reddy CC
Khichii of Melody, Classical and Folk
Tuesday, December 6, 2005 • Telugu Comments

Some hint of melody here a hint of classical there and occasional use of folk at some places mark the identity of this album. Except for Madhi Layalo rest of the album is pretty average and does not offer anythig special. For most of the songs classical aalap or swaras is used in the interludes, though at some places it sounds good at other places it seems like a force fit. The music director did a good job in selecting singers for his songs and used the saxaphone at some places which sounds very good.

Anaganaganaga Oka Raju 2.5*  Singers: Karthik, Sujatha

This is a fast beat song and sounds like its set in a family background, with the girl and guy telling a few kids about a prince ( could be the hero) who could not find his princess yet. The chorus is pretty peppy and the lyrics of the song is also good. A good start to the album.

Edo Aasa 2*  Singers: Shreya Ghoshal

This song starts off very well and promises to be a good solo melody number. Shreya voice is very good, but she should be a bit careful when pronouncing words which are common in both Hindi and Telugu (Aasha for aasa etc). A brief usage of Saxaphone in the interludes is impressive. The charanam is not composed well and the ending is not crisp, the lyrics dont fit the tune aptly and hence seem to have been rendered hurriedly to fit. The song does not hold your imagination for a long time and you will soon forget the tune and the lyrics.

O O Mariya 2.5*  Singers: Ranjith

This song starts off with the familiar tune of the folk song "Galyan Sakli Sonya chi, he pori konachi..". This is a very peppy number with a group of friends boost the morale of the hero, for having realized that "You have your intellect to support yourself and do-not bow before anyone..etc". Looks like this song comes when the hero realizes his true potential. The song is both playful, energizing and well sung by Ranjith.

Theme Bit (Instrumental) 2* 

Considering the theame of the movie this is a fast paced, heavy beat song without any vocals except some chours singing "Dum dama dum.." and a bit of a classical tune. The duration of the song is very short and does not catch your imagination. You may skip this one.

Madhi Layalo 3.5*  Singers: Resham, Uday Rubense

A good melody with classical music "tha Dhi Dhi Kita Tha..." that comes in the background throughout. Classical music swaras, saxophone and a bit of sitar has been used in the interludes which, enhances the mood of the song. Resham sings the song in a husky voice and uday provides good support. This song suits a situation where the girl is seducing the guy..lets see what the director has in mind. Having said that, this is the best song of the album.

Amma Naanna 2*  Singers: Tippu, Pallavi

Its expected nowadays, that for a movie with a student theme, there should be a fast beat rock style song with someone blabbering in English which, only people with special listening skills can understand. This songs falls into the same genre and the music director does not stop at that, he puts in some classical aalap and some folk in the interludes to make it a khichdi. The lyrics starts off with a thank you note for parents to have given a wonderful life, but one will stop following the lyrics as soon as the charanam starts. The famous folk lyrics "Kodi poye lachhamadi.." has been used in the interludes and thats the only thing you will remember in this song after you have finished hearing this number.

Summary Pretty average music and the kind that will be forgotten as soon as the movie is taken out of the theatres. The frequent use of Saxophone and flute to an extent i