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Idhaya Thirudan Music Review

Idhaya Thirudan Music Review
Jayam Ravi, Kamna, Nasser, Prakash Raj, Jyothirmayi, Vani Viswanath, Kalpana, Kaka Radhakrishnan, Madan Bob, Crazy Mohan, M S Baskar
Pushpa Kandaswamy
Jig and jive
Thursday, January 5, 2006 • Tamil Comments

There are some enduring partnerships in every walk of life. The Saran-Bharadwaj is certainly one. They have combined to give some of the best known songs in recent times. So it is with high expectations that one approaches Idhaya Thirudan, and what emerges is certainly not disappointing.

Bharadwaj has chosen some interesting tunes (though high on mass appeal) and tuned them with some intriguing orchestration.


The start is sprinkled with a beautiful Carnatic touch. But it gets going fast and furious as Bharadwaj unleashes the full repertoire of his orchestration. Sung convincingly by Janani, the song has a rare verve and zing. The rhythms and backgrounds are a mix of everything. In some sense, it is fulsome.

2. Unnai Thotta

KK is one singer who believes in giving all he has. And sure he does in this pulsating melody. His energetic rendering uplifts the song that has a sturdy instrumentation. Bharadwaj fishes out rare bits in his interludes. He shows that in this too.

3. Urikka Urikka

Ceylon Manohar has a quaint voice and pitch. His `Surangani' is a modern classic. It is a cult song among the college-goers for its overall appeal and energy. Ceylon Manohar shows that very same quality in this gana-type song. Giving him company is Mukesh, The song is typically about the pangs of love and separation. The hardy rhythms again stand out in resplendent profusion.

4. October Katru

Mathangi starts off with practiced flourish and insouciance and the verve hits you like fresh breeze. Boni also croons with ease. The song has a strong Latino flavor. The catchy, `clappy' rhythms and the pronounced acoustic guitar effects provide a special charm. The Sambha beats make you to shake and shingle, jig and jive ever so naturally.

5. Uchathai

It is again a mix and match effort. It has everything and makes you sway on the dance floors. The song list shows a huge a name card ---Bharadwaj, Kavitha, Patrinako, Regharaja, Subhiksha, Arjun and Bonam. You can't identify who is who though Bharadwaj's own strong vocals stand out.


The album has to naturally end on a high note. Anuradha Sriram purveys just that. Her throaty rendition uplifts the number. The `dappankuthu' number is full of racy beats. And Anduradha, being full of beans, matches that with poise and panache. The lyrics are by and large inane.

Bharadwaj, who was disappointed at having missed out on the national award for Autograph, seems to have come out of that depression and produced an agreeable album.